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chapter 205 : I'm so selfish and it's starting to show
Feb 23, 2010 | comment | 3 comment(s)

I sort of just feel like dying today.

I heard the alarm and I switch it off. Urgh. 12 dah? Yawns. Im so sleepy and poof. Back to sleep again.

Suddenly, I open up my eyes and I go WTF? Sakitnya perutt.. Sigh. I try to sleep back but I cant. It very painfull. I cant even get up! Urghh. Damnit. I need to ..... I just dont have the energy to get up. Sigh.

Walao. Why sakit perut sangat ni?? Okay now I get it. Im having my period pain. Try to tahan and try to get up. Almost half an hour in the toilet and then I sleep back. Tired -__-

What the .... Almost 5?! Okay, I think I should go bathe right now. Dad keep nagging his lappy cant turn on. Just throw it away, dad. Soon boleh la on tu -__- Went to bathe and I ignore his nag. Whatever. Im not gonna help you this time -__-

I had my breakfast at 5.30pm. HAHAHA! Cornflakes and fresh milk so yummy. So, I had my hi-tea around 7pm and dinner at 10 sumthing. LOL! But I still prefer KokoCrunch and honey star. Im gonna buy it when I finish the stupid cornflakes.

Well, nothing much today. I went to an event but sadly I didnt get into finals. Layak kat semi finals je. Lol. Uhm, just now got 1 chinese guy. I really have no idea what is wrong with him. Like come on la. You're noob. So act noob la kan? LOLOL! Dah kalah, anyhow scold people kan? Chill la bro. It just a game -__-

This is an example when a world star level lose to a pro level like me. LOL! Heh. I wonder why your level so high but you so noob? People help you to do the damn stupid license issit? LOL! Well, I know you wont read my blog but nevermind at least I feel satisfied. Hahas.

Wah. Riak, bongkak, angkuh semua ada kan? LOL. Who cares. Sigh. Ive no mood ler. Haiz.

Currently, im listening to What a wonderful world by Louis Armstrong. LOL! The song kinda peacefull. When I hear it, rasa aman dowh? Hahaha. Funneh.

I see trees of green, red roses too
I see them bloom for me and you
And I think to myself what a wonderful world.

Kalaulah hidup ini indah =/
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