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chapter 206 : Tears can express feelings easier than words
Feb 26, 2010 | comment | 11 comment(s)

Jealous. Hated. Mistreated. Untrusted. Unwanted. Lonely. Sad. Hurt. Not loved. Never good enough. Bitter angry. Sad. Confused. Fake. Attacked. Insignificant. Broken. Hurt. Lost. Fallen. Small pain. Hopeless. Longing. Bored. Tired. Dead. Searching confusion. Mislead. Despair. Dead. Away. Gone. Isolated. Trapped. Widow. Vacant. Grief. Depression. Sulky. Heartbroken. Down. Unwanted. Reject. Hurt. Blur. Forgotten. Left behind. No good. Bad. Heartless
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chapter 205 : I'm so selfish and it's starting to show
Feb 23, 2010 | comment | 3 comment(s)

I sort of just feel like dying today.

I heard the alarm and I switch it off. Urgh. 12 dah? Yawns. Im so sleepy and poof. Back to sleep again.

Suddenly, I open up my eyes and I go WTF? Sakitnya perutt.. Sigh. I try to sleep back but I cant. It very painfull. I cant even get up! Urghh. Damnit. I need to ..... I just dont have the energy to get up. Sigh.

Walao. Why sakit perut sangat ni?? Okay now I get it. Im having my period pain. Try to tahan and try to get up. Almost half an hour in the toilet and then I sleep back. Tired -__-

What the .... Almost 5?! Okay, I think I should go bathe right now. Dad keep nagging his lappy cant turn on. Just throw it away, dad. Soon boleh la on tu -__- Went to bathe and I ignore his nag. Whatever. Im not gonna help you this time -__-

I had my breakfast at 5.30pm. HAHAHA! Cornflakes and fresh milk so yummy. So, I had my hi-tea around 7pm and dinner at 10 sumthing. LOL! But I still prefer KokoCrunch and honey star. Im gonna buy it when I finish the stupid cornflakes.

Well, nothing much today. I went to an event but sadly I didnt get into finals. Layak kat semi finals je. Lol. Uhm, just now got 1 chinese guy. I really have no idea what is wrong with him. Like come on la. You're noob. So act noob la kan? LOLOL! Dah kalah, anyhow scold people kan? Chill la bro. It just a game -__-

This is an example when a world star level lose to a pro level like me. LOL! Heh. I wonder why your level so high but you so noob? People help you to do the damn stupid license issit? LOL! Well, I know you wont read my blog but nevermind at least I feel satisfied. Hahas.

Wah. Riak, bongkak, angkuh semua ada kan? LOL. Who cares. Sigh. Ive no mood ler. Haiz.

Currently, im listening to What a wonderful world by Louis Armstrong. LOL! The song kinda peacefull. When I hear it, rasa aman dowh? Hahaha. Funneh.

I see trees of green, red roses too
I see them bloom for me and you
And I think to myself what a wonderful world.

Kalaulah hidup ini indah =/
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chapter 204 : Tomoshi Lukashikarikinto
| comment | 9 comment(s)

I never met Dian in real life. I think shes the one who drop by at my blog and said Hi? LOL. I just love to read her blog. Seriously. First, because her layout. Her layout so clean and suci just like me. LOL. And her entry. Really interesting. Hehehe.

So, I found this from her blog. My japanese name. Well, I wonder what is my japanese name. Here is the alphabets.

a - ka -- f - lu -- k - me -- p - no -- u - do -- z - zi
b - tu -- g - ji -- l - ta -- q - ke -- v - ru
c - me -- h - ri -- m - rin -- r - shi -- w - mei
d - te -- i - ki n - to -- s - ari -- x - na
e - ku -- j - zu -- o - mo --t - chi -- y - fu

N - to
O - mo
R - shi

F - lu
A - ka
R - shi
A - ka
H - ri
I - kin
N - to

Tomoshi Lukashikarikinto
What a weird name. LOL. But I like Tomoshi. Sounds good huh? Hehe. So, I think you guys should try it. Its kinda fun. Heee xD
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chapter 203 : All those lovers are liars
Feb 22, 2010 | comment | 34 comment(s)

Im not looking for a lover. All those lovers are liars
Yes they are (:
I had msn with Paan and he just admit that all boys are liars. Wanna see the proof? Here I show you.
Paan ;; Me

dun mention his name la
boys sume sama
ske menipu
tau pun
apa yg dia tipu btw?
ko pn admit boys ske menipu!
da aku boys.
bagus la

Because I have alot of broken heart experiences, at one point I told my friend "Hey, kau jangan ingat boyfriend kau tu baik sangat lah. Lelaki ni sume kaki penipu. Jangan sampai dia tipu kau. Baru padan muka kau."

Yes, I know im not a good friend but I just wanna let them know that never crazy in love with your partner. Its not good. You give them your trust but one day im sure and I bet you they will break your trust into a million pieces. Trust me. I face this problem like a million times.

Nothing gonna change my mind. For me, boys are all the same. There are no different. Tiada lelaki yang baik and tiada lelaki yang jahat. Semua sama. That's it. You wanna change it? Come. Meet me face to face and show me the real man! Make me change my mind then! I dont even trust my own boyfriend. Why? He break the rules -__-

I’m not going to spend my life chasing people. You wanna leave? Fine then, go ahead. Cause im done with chasing and caring for people who never had interest in me. Nothing lasts and people change. I’ve learned love is hard and life is strange.

Still remember im finding a love. real love. ridiculous. inconvenient. consuming. cant-leave-without-each-other love?


Im not gonna find it anymore! I had enough with what Im going through right now! Im sick and tired with dramas! I hate drama and you know that :'[
Give me my heart back, forget all of the pain. I'm so sick and tired of playing your game.

I will never show you my pain. I will never let you see me cry. Cause I know you never care at all :)
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chapter 202 : You're not who you used to be
| comment | 2 comment(s)

Unlike other people, I find it hard for me to eat when I'm upset or unhappy. Instead, I sleep away the sadness or the anger, and let time cool me off. Like just now, im having my lunch but then when I found out something, that thing really make me lost my appetite.

I started to cry. The tears rolled down. I dunno why im crying? Issit because im so angry or? Now I know. Im not angry but I just feel dissapointed. Yes, im so dissapointed on you. And now what I have to do is I need to stop giving someone my whole self, if I keep getting nothing in return.

I think I should love myself first before I want to love someone else. Im having a bad broken heart right now. And im sure no one can fix it. No one. Maybe I dont deserved to be happy. Cause every time I get the happiness it wont stay long. Sooner or later it will fade away. And this is it. It happen to me right now.

Stop asking me to cheer up. Stop saying everything is gonna be alright. Stop telling me everything! I dont wanna hear anything. Stop it, please. Im begging you. Please. Stop it! I cant take it anymore. Oh god. Why im so blind? You show me the hint but im so blind till I cant see it. Why im so stupid? Why I never learn the lesson? God damnit! Screw this! Fish this! Arghhhh!

I've been dying inside
Little by little
Nowhere to go
But goin' out of my mind
In endless circles

While im sad-ing, Tyra sent me this song. Thanks, Tyra. The song keep playing like a thousand times. I hear it over and over again. Gahhh. I really have no clue. Im totally lost.
Tyra ;; Me

good la. time aku period
sume ni happen kan?
erk, sabar weyh
dia tu asyik sorok2 je :/
ko tau x
aku perasaan marah pn dah xda
nak nangis pn dah xda
so cam.
tah sume dah mati
u knw
haih. baru je baik ..
what the
means dia dah together dgn ..... tuu ?!
dia speechless ke
at least tell la kan ..
aku nak kene siap gi tuition
ltr mlm aku onn
kita talk
why he doin dis
sabar lah

i dunno what to say ....
speechless ....

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chapter 201 : Lifestyle.
Feb 21, 2010 | comment | 4 comment(s)

While waiting for the food.

Sister : Aku dah agak dah. 3 girls kat bawah tu mesti smoking. Tengok cara dia dress pun dah boleh agak.
Farah : (Sambil pandang ke bawah and give this face O.O) Oh, biasa lah tu. Macam la ko x tau.
Sister : Yela, pakai sexy-sexy camtu. Confirm smoking. Tu.
Farah : (Lihat balik dekat 3 girls) Oh, aku pakai camtu pun ko nak kata aku smoking jugak la? Ur head -_-
Sister : Errr. (Terdiam sudah)
Farah : Tapi an, dlu time aku kat sch. Dorg sume ingat aku smoke. Padahal aku x -_- Maybe they see my attitude. They way I act so they tot I take drugs and all the stupid stuff. Bodoh la. Im still waras. Im not like them -____-"
Sister : Yelah, kalo girl yang gi clubbing tu sure dia drink and amek drugs tu sume.

A few minutes later...

On the way back home.

Sister : Boyfriend aku punya mak kan, dia xske if girl tu color-color rambut. Macam x baik lah.
Farah : (Dalam hati, WTF?) Oi, habis aku ni color rambut x baik la? (Bidas balik) Ko ingat girl yang pakai tudung tu semua baik? Yang rambut hitam berkilat semua baik? Dorg lagi jahanam adalah.
Sister : Eii. Ko dengar lah apa aku nak cakap dlu
Farah : Tah-tah dorang tu lagi teruk drpd kitorg yang color rambut ni.
Sister : Yelah, x semua macam tu. Tapi aku rasa secure la if mak dia cakap camtu. Aku rasa terjamin lah sikit.
Farah : Macam kitorg color rambut ni budak jahat pulak -_-
Sister : Even anak dia nak color rambut pun, mak dia x bagi. Baguslah camtu kan?
Farah : Color jelah. Pe salahnya? -__-
Trying to chill...

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chapter 200 : Don’t even know what we’re fighting for
| comment | 6 comment(s)

The guy ;; The girl

u alt f4 nv say gdBye?
xda mood i nak say pape
what ive done?
xda pape la
is there anythin wrong?
kalau xda menda x kena
xkan me blah mcm tu je
dah la
i nak g mandi
den? dats y i tny u
my char afk kat inter 2

a few minutes later...

yeah. u on9 kejap. alt f4 just like dat?
i benggang
dun ask me y
bengang cause of me?
i xkan poof if xda sebab
i knw. dats y i come here and tok to u.
what ive done?
dun ask me
i tanak gado
so better i go
im just askin.
stop ask
i tanak jawab

Seriously, I dont understand boys! They're soo complicated. Weird and blablabla. I dont know. I just dont understand them and even my boyfriend too? Lols. I like those kinds of people who actually make an effort to keep a conversation alive :'[

In the end, I give up to force him and we just had a lil conversation like a normal one. The situation abit awkward for me but I think im doing good? Lols.
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chapter 199 : I don't know what to do anymore
Feb 19, 2010 | comment | 17 comment(s)

click for larger image =(

IM SO FCUKING DOWN. Sigh. I spent most of my time with Tyra. And she draw me a picture. In the picture, im the one who crying and shes at the back trying to pujuk me. How sweet and cute. I wish hes the one who draw this. How sad? Haiz.

She trying her best to draw a rose for me but x menjadi. The flower doesnt look like a rose but still thanks Tyra. I really have no mood for blogging. I run out of ideas. And currently im sad-ing. Im not angry. I just feel dissapointed and upset. YES! IM SO DISSAPOINTED! The way u treat me. They way u treat me like .... Gahhh. Maybe you never bother at all?

Last night, I cried myself to sleep. I dunno. It just happened? Suddenly the tears rolled down by itself. I wipe it for a few times it still come out. Then I just let it go. Sigh. Why people so mean? =(

"I typed up "I love you" but then you signed off... is this fate telling me it's not meant to be?"
and this shit happened to me like a few times -_-

I wonder where is my prince? =/
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chapter 198 : Mixed emotions are the worst emotions
Feb 18, 2010 | comment | 2 comment(s)

Hahaha. This picture made me LOLOL-ed.

Some people might be hard to reach me. Im sorry. And sorry again to Amilia. Should be im going to her house today but ........ Its hard to say. All I can say is im sorry, babe. Sigh.

Im not in a good mood. Mood swings nowadays. I dunno why. Sometimes im okay and sometimes im soooo not okay. Currently my mood is upside down. All I want is someone who can make me laugh for non-stop. Lols.

Big thanks to Tyra. She try to pujuk me and I think the pujukan menjadi? Abit la. Lols. I had msn with her and she give me a hug icon. Aww. That is so sweet. Hugs back* Im so lonely. Seriously I need someone to talk to. To laugh with. Hais. Life is getting so gayyy.

I still remembered I had msn with this one guy. So he asked me what up blablabla and he trying his best to cheer me up. Thats nice and lastly when we both gtg he give a hug icon. Aww. He is the first guy who give me that icon. Seriously wey. Lols. But I didnt reply him. I just ignore him. Maybe im sick of boy's attitude? I know he try to calm me but no thanks. Actually im waiting for someone else to do that =/

Last night, I received a miss called from this guy. Gosh. Now ure looking back for me or what?
Please leave me alone. I dont need you anymore =(
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chapter 197 : Oh, bloggers.
Feb 16, 2010 | comment | 7 comment(s)

I don't want another Cinderella story. I don't even want a Twilight story. All I want is YOU & ME. ME & YOU. Together. Our own story. Our own....
Happy ending (:

Clap clap clap. Congratulations to Farah. She is one of the "Profail popular hari ini" AGAIN! Thanks, GengBlogger. Haha. At first, I didnt notice it. Seriously but then when Aidi said ,
Terniat plak di hati nak bukak GB. Lol. Then I scroll scroll. OHMAIGOSH! He just randomly said it or what? Haha.
Seriously, I never expect anything in my life. First time I joined GengBlogger I was like "Wow! He read 539 blogs in one day? Crazy sia!". Then I look at the Profail Popular and I think "They sure famous sia and must be very active". I was noob! Like really noob! I still remembered, Ariff who the one introduce me into GB.

Sadly, he didnt get any title cause he not really active. Lols. And yes, on the second day my cbox was very busy. I received alot of comment from them. That was nice and quite fun cause with that way we can get new friends. Heee. Yesterday, I went to Nuffnang and I look back my previous analytics. In one day, I got 559 viewers from different country and I think that is so cool and the next day it turn to 610 viewers! Im so proud with myself kot? Haha.

Sometimes I received comment from other people and they said I do have a nice blog, nice entry, and they just love to read my blog. Aww. To those who said that, you really make my day! Haha. Thanks people! As far as I know, my life is sooo not interesting but they still read my crap and im touched. Hahas. I just having a normal life like the others and as you all know, my post fulls with frustrated and all the stupid emo posts. Lols.

My body isnt perfect. I dont walk with confidence. I get into fights with my parent and friends. Some nights I'd rather be by myself than out partying. I cry over the smallest thing sometimes. There are days I through forced smiles and fake laughs. Sometimes I try to convince myself that things are okay when they're not. Im not ugly but im not beautiful. I dont look as good in real life as I do in pictures. There are some nights that I cry myself to sleep. I constantly think im not good enough. Im imperfect but im perfectly me.

Just like You (:

Thanks to Ariff and thanks to my followers, to my silent readers and fans? Eh, I got fans meh? Haha. Who knows? Silent fans ke? Haha. I really appriciate it. Somehows, you guys cheer me up. Thanks alot.
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chapter 196 : Loving you may be wrong
| comment | 14 comment(s)

I’m tired of being sad. I’m tired of crying. I’m tired of heartaches. I’m tired of feeling empty inside. I’m tired of feeling inadequate and helpless. I’m tired of feeling stuck. I’m tired of feeling crazy. I’m tired of how insecured I am. I’m tired of how my emotion flies around like a rollar coaster ride. I’m tired of being alone. I’m tired of dramas. I’m tired of the world. I’m tired of pretending. I’m tired of dreaming a life I know I will never have. I’m tired of missing people. I’m tired of people walking out of my life. I’m tired of myself. I’m tired of being angry. I’m tired of needing help. I’m tired of lies. I’m tired of empty promises. I’m tired of being different. I’m tired of faking it. I’m tired of wishing things could start all over again. I’m tired of being not okay. I’m tired wondering when I’m going to be happy.

I’m tired of being tired.

This is really straining me, I could hardly breathe.

I apologize if I'm giving up too easily. I just don't have the strength to fight anymore.

I need a love. real love. ridiculous. inconvenient. consuming.
cant-leave-without-each-other love.

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chapter 195 : This beautiful world is filled with fucked up people
| comment | 5 comment(s)

Dear diary,

Tell her how you admire her. Always tell her you love her at all times, but never when your unsure yourself. When she’s upset hold her tight. Pick her over all the other girls you hang out with. Play with her hair, pick her up, tickle her and wrestle with her. Just talk to her, tell her jokes. Bring her flowers just because. Hold her hand and run, just to hold her hand. Throw pebbles at her window at night. Let her fall asleep in your arms.

Sing to her no matter how awful you sound. Get her mad at you and then kiss her. Push her on swings. Tell her she looks beautiful. When she’s sad stay on the phone with her, even if she’s not saying anything. Look into her eyes and smile. Kiss her on the forehead. Slow dance with her even if there is no music. Kiss her in the rain. But most of all, love her with everything you have.

Gahhh. Congratulations. You just ruined my mood. Here, a gold medal for you. Peace (middle finger)

Someone hug me please? =/

Im so down right now. I need someone to talk to who can hear my crap. Someone who can stay up for me. Someone who can cheer me up? Are you the one that im looking for? Sigh. My heart is fragile and im sensitive sometimes.

A message for you and YOU!

You. You boleh tak jangan bagi I serabut? Cukuplah. I had enough. Please?

And for you, we known each other quite long kan? Apa kata we exchange place, I jadi you, and you jadi me, so if I ask you the same question, how do you feel? Happy? Angry? Jealousy? Mad? Or you wanna kill me?

Im controlling myself now. Inhale. Exhale :'((
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chapter 194 : The nonsense
Feb 15, 2010 | comment | 6 comment(s)

click for large image (:

Last night, I had msn with Lil and Tyra muncul after 3am? Wtf? Hahaha. Baru bangun tidur katanya. Nak kata sembahyang subuh, lmbt lg kot? Hahaha. I think Ariff muncul afta 5? LOL! Semua night owl. Hahas.

Since I got nothing to do, I google my address. HAHAHA. Click it people. And I found my area, so at the picture, you guys can see I color-ed my house with green apple color. Yeah. That is my house. Umah Tyra, sblh je. LOL. And to Shuko, aku still x try screen grab apa tah yg kita cite aritu an? Haha. Maybe later.

Well, nothing much today. I woke up kinda early at 12pm. LOL! It is early for me. Lols. Oh yeh, one more thing, remember my last post? I sleep early around 2.30am? The nex morning I woke up around 10AM! YES! AM! 10AM IN THE MORNING! HAH! Hahaha. Bangga okay? Lol. So, today I help my sis to clean up her room. After that, lipat kain. Wahhh. Ayu nye. Hahaha. Lol -_- And then I jahit her teddy bear cause that teddy nye hand almost putus dah and cacat already. LOL. Yes, Farah reti jahit and my sis said "Comelnya Ayin jahit!". Heh. Of course la. Owner dia pn comel? Hahaha.

Im not really okay. The virus is attack-ing me. Flu virus. The red one. So, I take medicine and the medicine kick the virus away. So, Farah is okay and abit sleepy cause of the medicine effect. Tyra text-ed me and as usual la dia nye question "x online ke?" LOL. So, I had audi with her today and congratulations to her. She won at the third place in Arena. Nice one. Thanks to me yang non-stop shake shake pompom? Hahaha.
I lose at the second round cause my sis KACAU me! Eh, why we tokin sal audi here? Hahaha.
Around 3, I pm-ed Tyra and she give me this and I go WTF? HAHA! After that, she give me this. Faint! Ko horny ke apa? Hahaha.

Around 9, I teach my sister how to make cupcakes. Heee. She want me to teach her. Nice. Jadi sifu hari ni. Haha. Today, abit diff cause I make chocolate flavour and yumm yumm. Sedap. Hehe. Aww. I didnt take any photos. I will upload them in the next chapter. The decoration abit simple cause we make only for fun? Hahas. And dad told me to sell cupcakes? Alahai. Bukan I dun wan to. Just that, im nt pro enough kot? Amateur lagi. Hahas.
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chapter 193 : Whatever day
Feb 14, 2010 | comment | 4 comment(s)

I think I should lose some weight. Hmm. A few weeks ago, I text-ed dad and ask him to buy me a cadbury chocolate, the plain one. Yes! Plain! I dun like it mix wit hazel nuts, fruits or whatever. The plain one is nicer. Lols. After a few weeks beli, barulah I nak makan chocolate tu? LOL. Its been years I didnt buy cadbury. Seriously. And now im kinda stress, so I started to eat all the sweet sweet thingy like cadbury chocolates, cakes and ice-creams. Wow, its not good tho. Really. I think I should stop take them from now on?

Aww. I love the cover! So cutee. The cover is for Valentine's day and I didnt buang the cover. I keep it. Hahaha. Quite cute. Oh, before its too late. I wanna wish ;;
Happy Valentine's day!
Happy Chinese New Year!
Uhm. I know, its kinda late. I should put "belated" but who cares? Haha. This post was in my draft but I really dun have much time to post it. Kinda busy. Yeh rite busy -_- as I said, I have no mood, people! LOL! So, its valentine's day? Like I said before, I had my V day alone. Lols. Oh, this afternoon, I went to one of my relative's wedding but I didnt see Tyra? I only saw his brother? But she told me, she saw me? She only saw my car! WTF? Hahaha. And she complain the daging is too oily blablablabla. Byk cekadak la. Ko kahwin nnt, aku complain. Hahaha.

So, I went back home around 2.30pm kot? Cant remember. And I had audi with Lil and Tyra till 5pm. Oh, before that. I called Ariff and he just act like normal? Like nothing happen? -_- If I tau jadi camni, I should use your money beli McD aritu? -_- I didnt ask anything. I never ask, "I think we should go out kan today?" Never! Cause I wanna know whether he still remembered what he said or not and yes. He mmg x ingat and that's make me sakit hati sal McD. Humph! -_-

After 5, I pei my sis to Jusco Kepong. Danish and Leesya joined us too. Went to Jusco for what eh? I also cant remember! Hahaha! Ohh yeah. Sis looking for sun shade. Yes yes. After she bought it, we went to Jusco and looking for a drink bottle for her boyfie. Alahai. Botol air pun ko nak belikan. Gedik. Haha. Okay, maybe that is sweet but ..... Humph. First first couple mmg cmni kan? Haha. After that, off to Jalan Kuching and we had dinner kat sana.

I watched Raja Lawak and x lawak langsung. LOL! I had audi kinda early maybe around 10 something kot? Btw, this is the screenshort for petang tadi.
This is a screenshot for Valentine's day yang x jadi. Hahaha. The move x jadi. I mean. the move jadi but the time xjadi! Haha. Maybe I ss quite late kot? And orang tu punya ss button tertanggal. LOL! Tyra pn sama. Her "enter" key pn tertanggal jugak. LOL. Ganas tul korang ni. I scared, my space bar plak tertanggal nnt. Nak press use "Ctrl" mmg x best la.

And again, im planning to update after I finished audi but I didnt update. All the post save in draft. Hahaha.
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chapter 192 : Oh, sister!
Feb 13, 2010 | comment | 7 comment(s)

Hello, how are you? (:
Hahaha. The truth is in real life I do wear glasses =p but not always cause I hate to wear it. Lols. So, im back again, people? Hahaha. Macam biscuit plak. Kejap ada kejap xda. Lol. Im really sorry. Lately I've no mood to blogging. Aww. Sobs. I dunno why. Maybe I run out of idea? =(

Oh, tomorrow is valentine's day =/

Saturday. I went to Midvalley with my sister. Uhm, its been long time I didnt went to Midvalley. So far nothing is change only they do have Chinese New Year's decoration at the Center Court? But I didnt take any photos cause the decoration not really nice. Hahaha. Oops. Lol. We off to Midvalley around 3pm. I woke up at 1pm and I need 2 hours to get ready. Haha. Biasalah girls. Kan kan? Lols.

I watched "Warung Kita" at Prima channel yesterday and they had nasi ayam for their lunch. Aww. Yummy yummy. Dah lama jugak x makan nasi ayam =( So, I called my sister and I told her I wanna eat nasi ayam. The place is located at Keramat which abit far from my place. Plus, I dont even know where it is? Lol. Since we dunno where issit, we had our nasi ayam at the Chicken Rice Shop. Hahaha. Sama jugak kan? Nasi ayam jugak. LOL. Well, I heard from the others, The Chicken Rice Shop is non-Halal. Issit? o.o I never know that? I dunno la. People yang cakap but I nampak je tanda Halal tu? Lol.

Heee. Yummy yummy. Finally I had nasi ayam setelah sekian lama? LOL. Actually, we went to Midvalley cause Fadzli's wedding is on this sunday (Valentine's day). So, sister plan nak beli gift fr Fadzli wedding la. And guess what? We bought cutlery set fr him. Hahaha. That is so lame? -_- Its cheap wey! Hahaha. And and sis bought dis one thing for her boyfriend sempena Vtine's day. Heh. Cant describe la what thing. But, when you ketuk that thing an, 1 sound will come out and it says "Muacks! I love you!" LOL! So cuteee! xD
We on the way back home and this two pictures, I took it around 7-ish and guess what? X nampak langsung nak gelap kan? Cerah je. LOL. Lately, panas la. I wonder why? Sometimes I cant feel the aircond inside my room. So, I have to turn on the aircond and the fan too! =x

So, I reach home around 8 something and terus POOF! Super duper tired. Haha. I didnt get enough sleep nowadays. The kids are here. So yeh. They always "Maksu, maksu. Bangun la. Bangun la Maksu". Wtf? -_- I woke up around 11pm and I went to desktop. Planning nak update blog but maybe i still in sleepy mode, so yeah. I really have no idea what to write =x

Went to audi for 1 game then I off. Went to audi AGAIN and I bought fam channel for 6 hours and guess what? I didnt do any tag. Hahaha. Planning to do solo tag but cannot find tagger. So yeah. I sleep kinda early? Around 2.30am =p
Its a new record for me. I online and I had 1 game. Choreo mode plak tu. Haha. And I sleep early. Nice nice. Lols.
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chapter 191 : Stalking can be a really tiring thing
Feb 12, 2010 | comment | 9 comment(s)

To those who non stop spamming at my cbox, keep reading my blog and here I give you a paper bird with heart on it. HAHAHA.

Actually the post title is for Paan. LOL! But, to all bloggers. Please gimme some time to reply all your Hello, Blogwalking, Nuff zz and other stuff. Currently, my connection is abit slow. Damnit. Feel like I wanna throw it away but wait. Cannot be. Cannot Cannot. Haha.

I will reply all your comment as soon as possible but hey, I do have a life too. Hahas. My cbox already turn 2 or 3 pages that I have to reply. Sigh. Tak boleh tangguh lagi dah =(
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chapter 190 : Screw valentine's day!
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My fcuking life =_=

Oh, its friday baby! And valentine is coming! Weee =/ Hahaha. Who wanna ask me for a date on this sunday? Raise your hand. Heee. Anyone wanna give a try? Aww. Come on! Be gentle, people. Dun be shy. Farah wont bite you. Hahaha. Gosh. Gedik -_-

Im really tired. Seriously, im exhausted! I didnt get enough sleep today even I woke up around 3pm? Sigh. Seriously. I slept at 7am in the morning. Around 9 something I received a phone call from Menara Star and guess what baby? Im gonna start working on the 1st March. Whooo Hooo. Clap clap clap. Congratulations Farah. Nanti I belanja you makan, alright? Heee. Okay, while talking im pretending to have a nice and fresh voice so that she didnt realize yang I still sleeping kan? Hahaha. After that, I poof again.

Around 11 something, I got text from Hotlink. Damn it la! I benci bila Hotlink yang bagi msg =/ I nak orang lain. Hahaha. So, I sleep again. Around 12pm. My alarm -_- Fk la. Idk who the heck yang gi on kan alarm tu? But I think it was me? =/ Planning nak wake up early? X nak jodoh lari? Hahaha. So, I sleep again. Then, Ariff drop by at my house. Gahhh! Berzaman la aku nak tido kan? Gosh. Tido arini sungguh terganggu x.x And that's it! Around 3pm, I decided to bathe.

Sis called me and ask to pei her tonight cause her friend, sooo called abang fadzli? LOL. Yeh rite. Abang? Ewww. Gay -_- Yeah, she wanna go to Fadzli house tonight at Rawang semata-mata nak hantar sabun. Faint. Okay, no problem. Its fine with me since I got nothing to do kan? Oh btw, for married people kan. If baru kahwin, hadiah apa nak bagi? Any ideas anyone? Please drop me some comment. Thanks. So, back to the story. Beside that, I had audi and I did solo tag but oni for awhile cause its so damn lag in audi. Idk its me or the server yang lag? Sigh. I stop audi around 7pm and I watched tv till I fall asleep. Hahaha.

Sis woke me up around 8pm. And I get ready to go to Rawang. Gahh. Sure tidur dalam keta ni. Ngantuk gila. Faint. Reach Rawang around 10.30pm. Then off to Fadzli house. So, tengok-tengok album kahwin dia. Quite nice but still I dun like ur wife's attitude. Right sis? Opps? Sorry. Its a fact, baby. I think you know what I mean if you're read this but I dun think you read my blog and I guess you dont even know that I have a blog? LOL!

Reach KL around 12am and yes I had audi for 2 or 3 rounds with Paan and Erfan which oni for 2 or 3 moves? Haha. LOL. Gila bosan. I try to update but I really dunno what to write. So, I think thats all for today kot? Yeah. Nothing much la. My life is gay. Xda benda yang interesting pun. Hahas.

Hmmphh =/
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chapter 189 : I wish.
Feb 11, 2010 | comment | 4 comment(s)

Reasons why a lot of girls love Edward Cullen ♥

A normal guy would say: “I love you.”
Edward would say: “You are my life now.”

As you leave the house..
A normal guy would say: “Bye! See you!”
Edward would say: “Hurry back to me.”

While you’re gone far away..
A normal guy would say: “I miss you.”
Edward would say: “It’s like you’ve taken my whole self with you.”

If you died..
A normal guy would find another girl.
Edward would kill himself ‘cause life without you is not worth living.

but Edward Cullen is a fictional character, & will always be..

I wish if I have a boyfriend who have Edward Cullen's character. He really took my breathe away. Faint.
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chapter 188 : Cupcake part II
Feb 10, 2010 | comment | 3 comment(s)

"You should never listen to a woman who just had her heart broken."

- Desperate Housewives

But thank you, followers. No matter what im going through, you guy are always here. Thanks alot. I luff lufff luffffff all of you

Oh hello people (:
IM BACK! Weeee.

Im sorry I didnt update this 2 days. Ive been busy. Wahh. REALLY busy man. Hahaha. Actually, the day before yesterday, I made cupcakes for me.

click for larger image, people (:
This time, 2 cupcake hangus. HAHAHA! X perasan la. Penat gila okay? :'((

I got nothing to update actually. Hahas. Lately no mood for blogging. I dunno why. But thinking of nuffnang, maybe I should blogging back. If not, waste je kan? Hmmph.. Nothing much la for now (:

See ya in the next chapter (:

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chapter 187 : You still mean a lot to me.
Feb 9, 2010 | comment | 4 comment(s)

"Why you nak touching-touching pulak? Tah tah dia kata sana tgh happy-happy and you kat sini nak emo-emo?"

"You relax jela. Tak payah nak emo. Buat cam normal je"

Rasa cam nak reply ;; "YOUR HEAD!"

But I just replied ;; "Im not touching la!". Saja nak cover. Padahal memang terasa time tu.

Argh. FUCK. Kalau lah boleh tunjuk middle finger kat depan dia time tu. Sumpah terasa gila? Boleh dia advice kat aku mcm tu? X guna!

@!#$%$%$%$RCC@V%@#$ !!!

Im so broken up. I didnt left you. Really. Just, I cannot stand it. I rasa mcm ..... Sigh. I run away not because I want to get away from you, but I want you to catch me.

I need a vacation D:

Im always torn between wanting to tell my story to everyone to let them know exactly what is in my head and keeping it to myself. The problem is being outwardly unhappy and consistently so pushes people away, no matter if they say they're always there to listen there is only so much even your best friends can listen too. On the otherhand to pretend that everything is fine is to poison yourself from the inside out. It is to ignore who you are and lose yourself. So which is better? To have friends that think you are melodramatic, seeking attention, and possimistic or to drown in your own mind? I honestly dont know =/
This is exactly how I feel. Sigh. It hurts, you know? It hurts me alot :'((

My heart was cut deep and cast aside, & I’m so sick of this headache. Even if I beg on my knees, pound my chest, and cry, what was never to happen will not happen. Everytime she says she's okay, but she's going insane. She says she feels good, but she's going through a lot of pain. She says its nothing, but it's really everything. She says she's fine, but she's really not.

ㅠ________________________ㅠ brb crying my heart out.
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chapter 186 : You don't need me.
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Sometimes I miss being in relationships.
because I miss the times loving someone,

because I miss the times pinching someone,

because I miss the times kissing someone,

because I miss the times resting my head on someone’s shoulder,

because I miss those moments.

actually, I cared that I have to celebrate valentine’s day alone this year.

I really care =/
It kills me to know you're online but isn't talking to me. I guess it just takes time to realize I don't mean anything to you anymore... or maybe never really did. Sigh.
Goshh. I dun even have any mood to do anything! I keep stare at the screen for NOTHING! This is gayyyyyyy. So gayy. A few hours ago. I feel so happy but why you take it away? You're jealous don't you?!

I need someone.

My formspring is lonely. Sigh. Cheer us up? formspring

Just now Paan ask me, "valentine keluar dgn siapa weh?"


I hate that question! Dont ask me who or what or where! I have to celebrate my valentine's day alone :'((
That question abit sensitive. LOL. Haiz.

I get so sick of everyone disappointing me. I guess it's my fault for thinking so highly of people. Because in the end, no one seems to live up to my expectations.

Im so not okay.

Can I ask you one thing?
I sometimes wonder if I leave you right now... would you grab me, or would you just let me walk away?

Answer me.
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chapter 185 : Dear, GengBlogger
Feb 8, 2010 | comment | 16 comment(s)

Click for larger image, people (:

Errkk. A few minutes ago I just finished update my blog. So, as usual i will go to GB website to ping my blog. Oh for your information. Sorry. Im noob in this. So I just joined Innit. Hahaha. So, I ping my blog dekat innit juga tadi. Heee. Okay, then just now GB website cannot open. I dunno why. Maybe some technical probs? But its fine with me. I understand.

A few minutes later.. GB can open la. So, like always like I did, terus ping my blog. So, while im looking at other post kan. Tetiba TERnampak and I go like EH? O.O Bukan ke tu profile aku? LOL! Hell yeah people! As you can see in the image ;; Profail POPULAR hari ini. Hah amek! Farahlycious turut tersenarai! Hahaha. Woots woots. Clap clap clap xD

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank GengBlogger for give me award ;;"Popular Profile of The Day". HAHAHAHA"

Bukan nak riak. Just x sangka. Tu je. LOL. Thanks again. Heee. Popular ke? LOL. Thats the thing. Popular ka? Haha.
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chapter 184 : To be honest, I'm running out of reasons to smile.
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I feel like I'm always the one starting arguments. I'm sorry I'm such a complicated person :'((
& I’M SO SORRY that I’m such a bitch but I just can’t help it.

Oh my. This is sad. Really make me go :'((

Currently im listening to Hero by Enrique Iglesias. Im listening to it like a thousand times. Sigh. Gahh. I have no mood for now. Im so down. Im on the verge of breaking down. The strength that I have to hold myself together is slowly fading away. I just need somebody, somebody to lean on. I feel so alone and I hate it. Save me, please.

I slept at 9.30am which this morning. Sigh. Im super duper tired right now. I dun even have any energy. Plus im sooo not in the mood. I called Menara Star today and congratulations to Farah cause she get hired. Clap clap clap. After that, around 9.30am I went to bed and woke up 12pm. I heard the alarm and I keep snooze it. Snooze it like a few times. When it reach to 1pm, fine. I give up. I really have to wake up cause im going to Menara Star to take my letter offer and do some medical check-up.

I went with my sister. She pei me today. I left home around 2.20pm and I reach there at 3 kot? Think so cause its kinda hard to get parking over there. After take the letter offer, I straight went to Klinik Kim & Nasir just down there nearby the Menara Star. I think that is one of their klinik panel kot? So I did the medical check-up. Everything is going well. No high blood pressure etc. LOL. 3.30pm I straight went to Daya Sinar X-Ray at PJ. I also need to do a x-ray. So everything done at 4pm and now I just have to wait Menara Star to call me back again to confirm when im going to start.

I reach home at 4.30pm and poof. Terus tido. Seriously, I cannot tahan. Im so tired. Sigh. Then I woke up just now at 9.45pm. Ngantuk dowh. Haha. So, nothing much la. Mum already bought bahan-bahan for cupcakes for me. Tomorrow MAYBE im gonna make cupcakes or MAYBE a cake. I dunno. See first la but im planning to do some cupcakes. And tomorrow also im going to Seri Pacific Hotel to give them my resign letter. Lols. I only work there like a few days? Haha. Btw, thanks Uncle Raziff for find me a job. I really appriciate it.

This morning my family and I had a lil discussion. I ask my dad to follow up with his friend regarding bout my application to UiTM on this June. After that, we talked bout hotel industry and office liner. Sigh. Dad prefer me to work in hotel industry cause Uncle Razif will help to promote me if I work like 1 year? And at the same time, I wanna further my study. Doing diploma is going to take like 3 years. 3 years in study = 0 exprience in work. If I work like 1 year, I dah boleh naik pangkat? Maybe can be a supervisor or anything? Sigh. Benda ni sume make me so confused la.

Haiz. I dunno la. No mood to think bout anything for now :'((
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chapter 183 : Do you think you know me?
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This is a LONGGGGG post!
Dont bother to read it if you dont want to!
You can press Alt + F4
If you wanna stay, just stay and I hope you enjoy with the post (:
Dont tell me I didnt warn you :P

I take this quiz like a couple of hours ago. This quiz is really great cause ALL of the answer represent the real ME. Lol. After 1 question, im going to the next question. After that, next next and next. Hahaha. I never had enough. Its fun. I love quiz. Hee (:

I wanna share the result with my loved ones here and also for the readers. Hahaha. Okay, here is the result (:

The Real Me :
  1. You've got great self-confidence and you're full of charm. Most guys who get to know you will be attracted to you. You are far from sweet and proper; your intriguing personality fascinates them. Most guys find it easy to fall for a girl like you.
  2. You really care about other people's feelings and are quite serious about the issues that affect your life. You are sincere, and your concern for the well-being of others makes many people want to be your friend.
  3. You strictly follow rules, and you expect other people to be the same as well. People can get tired of you easily, as you can make them feel a little guilty about themselves. You always make decisions on your own, and can be dismissive of other people's advice. You like to be the leader in groups, but can forget to be concerned about the people you are with.
  4. Your peers think of you as a fun person, but sometimes you can be a little irresponsible. You can be somewhat childish, and can try to ignore the fact that you will one day need to really grow up and be a mature adult! Perhaps you could start reading good books; they might help you look at the world in a different light. You do want to be taken seriously, right?
  5. Your boyfriend believes that you are a strong and independent person. Your confidence and cheerfulness make you an attractive person to be around, but sometimes you need to pay more attention to what other people, including your boyfriend, are thinking.
What's my personality love style :
You desire a love that will last forever. You are quite serious about finding this type of love, and that's why you think carefully about the men that you meet before deciding whether you could really love them. You don't just develop a crush on someone overnight: you look at a person's personality and other aspects of their life before deciding to form an attachment. If a guy doesn't meet your expectations, you would rather be alone. Your love has to be perfect. Be careful though, you could be missing out on some worthy relationships because your standards are so high.

What is my personality style :

Bright and Cheerful

You are always cheerful and charming. You never get too serious with people when they're around, but when you are alone, you think carefully about what they have said. That's because you don't want anyone to see you being too somber. Your personality means you have a lot of friends and you are often the center of attention. Many people who fall into this category become artists and movie stars, perhaps fame could be yours in the future as well.

My love and my sweetheart :
This man is a sporty type. He has a strong heart and easily comes to terms with the truth. He likes sport and physical challenges, and quickly gets bored with routine. As for women, he gets bored if they are too formal and proper. You need to be enthusiastic and ready to be spontaneous as the occasion requires it. He enjoys activities such as bush walking or rock climbing, so to keep the relationship running smoothly you should give them a go.

Is he the one for me? :
Success Rate In Relationships: 61%

Things could turn out either way.

You are a little too confident. You assume that he acts the way he does because he's interested in you. Don't forget, however, that he's the type of guy who is interested in a lot of things--and a lot of people. He's a very popular person, so it doesn't mean he cares particularly for you when he shows that he's worried because you're not well, or because he has called you at home once or twice. Nonetheless, you should not abandon all your hopes! It could be that he really does like you, and the way he acts indicates these feelings. You need to carefully observe his behavior, and how he reacts to you. And you should show him more clearly how you feel. If he reacts to you as usual after he knows you're keen, then don't worry, he's coming your way.
(Oh dear. They're right. Maybe im too confident. Gosh. I should act like normal tho. Lol)

Is he the real one? :
He is a good friend. He's sitting in your heart as a best friend. You get along very well. But if you are looking for something more than that, there's a long way to go.
(Awww. Long way to go? Sabar Farah. Sabar. Hahaha)

A present for my boyfriend :
You are interested in the opposite sex. Though you have already got a guy you like, you still date with other guys. Is that right?
(This analysis really make me LOL-ed! HAHAHAHA)

Jealousy test :
Jealousy Level: 65%

You are a jealous person but you try not to let it show

You often get very jealous of others but you are successful at controlling your emotions publicly. When you feel that other people are winning things that you deserve, you get very upset, but you won't hurt anybody else by making a scene. Your jealousy is private. You might, for example, cry yourself to sleep at night when you get really jealous of someone.

Am I a cinderella? :
How you control your husband, who will lead the family and who will be led?
You will never expect to control your boyfriend or husband. Your boyfriend and you will take turns to make decision and the decision is often acceptable to both of you. Whatever you want to let him know, you can just tell him straightforwardly. This is a good relationship, a pretty modern one.

My marriage :
How will you choose your Mr Right?
You will make the most of being able to shop around for Mr Right. You love your freedom and will have a lot of fun learning about what sort of man you like. When you do find the guy for you, nobody will be able to keep you away from the church.

Who will be your future Mr Right?
Your real-life hero will be manly. He'll be dependable, even financially. He will protect you and always respect your feelings. He'll probably be quite a bit older than you.

When will you get married?
You will be very determined and thorough in choosing a spouse. You'll study every detail about your man before saying yes to a life of love. You will eventually make a good choice, but you'd better be sure that he's willing to wait that long.

What sort of wife will you be?
If your hubby is crazy enough to ask you to do silly things, you may as well have fun with him. You'll make a fun-loving wife.

Will you and your husband have a good time together?
You and your spouse will choose to spend time on more romantic activities. You won't end up quite as healthy, but you'll have plenty of fun going out for drinks, watching concerts or playing cards at home with other friends.

How loyal are you?
You get along very well with most guys. Sometimes your friendliness misleads others to think that you're a bit of a flirt, but actually you've got a loyal heart. You'll never have eyes for anyone except your beloved husband.
(Woo woo. im agree on this part. Hahaha)

How deep is my love? :
Depth: 63%

You have him in a corner of your heart. Don't lie to yourself; he's your special guy. Take good care of your heart. You still have a long way to go. Always remember that love has two edges. Being apart for a while might be a good chance to proof his love to you.
(Heh. Maybe I should go and take a break for one day or maybe a week and we'll see. Is he gonna find me?)

The third eye :
You are scared of being cheated on by others and don't want to be disappointed. That's why you seem to be contented with unrequited love.
(OMG! This is sooooo fuckin TRUE! Hahaha)

How do I choose my soulmate? :
1. Love
2. Education
3. Money
4. Appearance

Most of the quiz that I took is 98% is correct! Hahaha. So, do you still want me, honey? Think it twice. Like I said before there is nothing to lose. Im worth it for you, darling
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chapter 182 : A good day
Feb 7, 2010 | comment | 0 comment(s)

Hello new followers! :D
To all my old & new followers, thanks for all the likes & reblogs. I loovelooovelooooove all of youuu
I should post it like yesterday but I really have no time for it. So I decided to post it today. Heee. This morning, I woke up at 6am. Sigh. Macam nak gi sekolah pulak bangun awal-awal kan? Haha. I had bathe etc so I walk out from my room and suddenly mum said "Hii (sambil senyum lebar)" Im like HUH? Buang tebiat ke apa orang tua ni? LOL!

Im not really closed with my mum or dad. Yes, im nt closed with my parent. Get it? (: And its kinda strange for me. We never practic on Hi, Hello, Morning in our family. Except with the siblings. Then I replied, "Oh, morning". Soo.. I think it a good started of the day? Haha. I left home with a smiling face. Aww. Feels happy kot? Heee xD

Oh oh, before that. Mum told me she do a business. Im like heh? Pe jadah plak ni? LOL. First thing, she smiled and say Hi to me. Second, she doin a business? Am I dreaming? LOL. Its weird. Like really weird. LOL. Yes, its weird for me. You wont understand how I feel right now. Haha. So, she show me the box and blablabla.. Yada yada.. Inside my head, boleh laku ke ni? LOL. I reach home kinda early around 5.30pm. Dad picked me up. He bring Danish, Mika and Damia together. Oh hello kids. LOL.

After that, when I reach home I found that habis dorg jual dah benda alah tu. LOL! Wow, that is so cool. Haha. Nice nice. I wonder where my mum get that thingy. Oh, it came from my auntie! Im still planning to sell the prepaid but I dunno where and which website I can get it. I scared benda ni sume tipu. LOL. Never try never know aite? But.. Sigh. Nanti la.
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chapter 181 : I wrote this for you
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hello !
farah is my name. I'm a complicated person. Trust me.
I heart fashion, clouds, all kinds of cute and pretty stuffs (:

I jump into one blog and I found that his blog kinda interesting. And I found all this question. Mr J let me help you on your question. Mr J? Hahaha. I dont even know him. It so random okay. Bukan J yang tu ye. Hahaha. Its the other J. LOL!

`- Bahagian lelaki manakah yang dilihat dari segi pandangan mata seseorang wanita adalah seksi?
Bagi saya, bahagian yang paling seksi ialah rambut. Hahaha. Lain orang lain pendapat kan?

`- Adakah wanita suka tengok lelaki berbadan sasa ?
Tidak semestinya. Ala, paling koman pun bia ada 6 packs. Hahaha. I like. LOL!

`- Kenapa wanita bila shopping ambil masa berjam - jam?
Cause perempuan sng rambang mata. Dia kadang-kadang dunno which one to choose.

`- Suka tak kalau perut boyfriend anda boroi?
Gahhh. No way! Haahahah.

`- Kenapa wanita bila makan suka ambil nasi sedikit je?
Cause perempuan ske diet.

`- Wanita kalau bergaduh main tarik rambut ... peliknyer
Sapa kata? I x pun? I tampar je. Hahaha.

`- Kenapa orang wanita tak nak terus terang je bila dia suka kat seseorang tu.
Cause we are shy! We takut kena reject. Kan malu gitu? Lol

`- Kenapa warna PiNK sering dikaitkan dengan wanita?
Cause Pink color kan sweet. Sweet = wanita.

`- Wanita risau sangat pasal berat badan dan kalau boleh taknak berisi sedangkan sekarang lelaki banyak suka yang gebu gebu...montel
Eh, yeke? Hmm. Kita nak kurus cause x nak boy lari. LOL.

`- Kalau diberi pilihan memilih yang mana satu anda pilih ? Hodoh atau Hensem?
Biarlah sedap mata memandang :)

`- Wanita suka lelaki Tempatan atau Luar Negara macam dabid bikam dan liurnado kapitpior.
Hahaha. I nak Edward Cullen je and and my boyfriend Chad Michael Murray Tapi if nak jadi pasangan hidup, I prefer lelaki tempatan. Senang kot. If dia diff country and diff religion nak convert2 ni suma, payah la. If dia x betul, kang kita jugak salah :S

`-Kenapa wanita suka jawap soalan seperti di atas dengan jawapan " kalau sudah jodoh i terima jelah"
Hah! Itu jawapan redha namanya! Hahaha.
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chapter 180 : Sometimes people are beautiful
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Hahaha. This picture really make me LOL-ed! Dont you think its funny? LOL. I think some people might understand it. If you're not, paham-paham sendiri la. Lu pikirlah sendiri. Hahaha.

Oh hello darling
RAPERAPERAPERAPE! You are officially raped by me! I love youuuuuuuuuuuuuu

Wow, I feel so good today. Hahaha. I think I sleep at 5am kot? Im not really sure. So, I woke up at 5pm jugak. 12 Hours? o.o Woots. Jodoh x datang. Confirm. LOL! Actually, I already woke up around 9am but Hey! Today is my off day. Why I wake up so early? I think I should sleep back? Hahaha. Poof.. ZzzZZZzzz ~

Ye. Memang aku nak balas dendam. Aku nak balas dendam setelah 4 hari aku kena bangun awal. So this is it. Time for revenge, baby! LOL. And today jugak nak balas dendam kat audi. Yes! Im going to level soon. Jys me, honey Currently, im listening to Hero by Enrique Iglesias. That song really make me go "Awww" Hahaha.
"I can be your heroin, baby
I can kiss away the pain
I would stand by you forever
You can take my breath away"

Trust me, darling. Im worth it for you. Hahaha. There is nothing to lose cause im always be with you, no matter what. Heee Love is in the air ~ Love is in the air ~ Hahaha. Im flying. Weee =p

Okay. Enough with the crap -_- Nothing much today. Just that I spent most of my time with audi. I dunno. Maybe im going to level. So semangat tu ada? Hahaha. So yeah. The kids are here and they are so annoying! -_- Keep disturbin while im playing. Benci! Nothing much la. So far im okay. My condition pun stabil je. Nothing to emo for now. Yeah. Only for now. Lol.

Oh dear, tomorrow is Monday. I hate yuhhh Mr.Monday cause you are sucks. Mr.Monday always spoil my mood. Thats why I hate him. Hey, no vulgar! Who cares? Im the owner. Only the readers je no vulgar coming from them. Hahaha. Seriously, im lazy to go work. Oh yeah! Im gonna call Menara Star tomorrow. Wish me luck guys. I hope I get that job. Heee xD

Dear baby,
I want to be your girlfriend more than an electron wants to attach to a proton
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chapter 179 : Boredom is killing me.
Feb 6, 2010 | comment | 4 comment(s)

click for larger image, people (:

Wow. This is my first time drawing like this? Perfect an? Hahaha. Its perfect for me cause I dun even know how to draw and woots. Finally my drawing menjadi? Hahaha. Im bored. No one pei me. How sad is dat? Sigh.

I open paint and I randomly draw this. I dunno why got bicycle there cause I dun even know how to ride it. Seriously. Hahaha. Oops, terkantoi sudah. LOL. And wtheck, KLCC? Hahaha. Yeah, I really have no idea what to draw. So, I randomly put KLCC beside there. Hahahaha. Lame. Sigh.

Im bored. Totally bored. Cheer me up people? Click here, formspring

I showed Tyra my drawing and she said, macam budak tadika. HAHAHA. Agak la? LOL. I think, the kids lg better and pro than me kot? LOL. But Tyra said, its cute. Heee. Thanks. Who said, only Daus can lukis for you camtu semua? I pn boleh la. Hahahaha.

Gahhh. I hate Valentine's day =(

Can we skip the 14th February? The first fact is I know im gonna be alone and empty and and pathetic. Sigh. Second fact is I never received any special gift or flowers from the loved ones. Previously, I dun even bother bout Valentine's day but I dunno why, right now.. I wanna know how it feels like when you get a sweet or any gd memories with your "sayang". I never feel it before :(
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chapter 178 : Aku rindu sayang kamu
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I heard this song a few days ago and suddenly it came to my mind. Its a nice song you know. Quite surprise I listen to Malay song? Hahaha. I do like some malay song. Maybe the jiwang-jiwang part? Lol. Cause their song suit me best. I present my feeling to my love ones by a song.

Siang dan malamku kini menjadi satu
Terasa sedihku bila tiada mu
Apakah ini dinamakan cinta?
Menjadi aku yang punya

Apakah kau dah tak sepertiku
Rasa hari-hariku tak menentu
Bagaikan lilitan terikat di jantungku
Terasa sungguh

Aku rindu
Sayang kamu
Aku cinta kepadamu
Sayang kamu

Im pretty sure, most of the bloggers here, got heard this song before aite? In AJL? Hahaha. I started to like this song when I watched AJL 24? The lyrics quite deep tho =p
At this moment, this lyrics show the exactly how I feel. Abit jiwang. I know -_- So what? You never get into jiwang mood before? Oh my. Ure so pathetic wey. Hahaha. Jiwang la best. LOL!

I used to have a jiwang partner. No no. Its not my boyfriend but a partner. Cause he know me best even we only knw only for 2 years and a half? He know what I want and what I need when im down.

When im down, he give me some emo song. Stupid action? Hell no. Plus it makes me better wey. Hahaha. Im different, people. When im down I love to listen to the emo song. So, he will give me the best emo song. Hahaha. Hais. I miss the old times. Hmmm (:
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chapter 177 : I truly treasure your existence
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You are my sunshine,

My only sunshine,
You make me happy when skies are grey,
You never know dear,
How much i love you,
So please dont take my sunshine away (:

Aww. I just love the way he turn me ON. Hahaha. I can feel the butterflies in my stomach. Awww. I love that feeling, baby!

I cant stop dreaming bout you and me ♥

Im happy. Yes, im happy. He makes me happy.

If you are my prince, can I be your cinderella?

Nothing much today. I been working for 4 days and for today I went training at the reservation department. So what did I learn? NOTHING! Hahaha. They all like so busy and they have no time to teach me. One of the staff give me a training file and asked me to read. Ku rasa, dah beribu kali ku baca file tu. LOL. I cant stop yawning. Sigh.

To kill the time, I ask them if got any paper to fax or WHATEVER jelah! Im bored dah. So I help them to photocopy, fax and filing. Hahaha. Lame an? Well, im still noob. Plus, I didnt really knw how to work with their system cause the system quite diff but I find it easy to use. One day nnt boleh la kot. Reti la kot (:

This time, I already charge my phone! Weee. I reach home kinda early around 5.30pm. Gosh, im addicted to mee Maggie. LOL! I ate 2 packs of Maggie. Eww. That is so not healthy man. Hahaha. Malas nak masak kan. What to do. Sigh. After makan, poof. Tido. Penatnya camni. Sampai xda masa nak online :(
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chapter 176 : Im tired of everything.
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OH-MY-GOD! Im really sorry peeps. I havent been on much. Im kinda busy. Err. Actually not really busy just that I dun have time to get online? LOL. I get tired so easily nowadays. Sigh. Maybe effect of waking up early like around 7-ish? LOL! Its too early sia. Like fuckin early? Gosh! I hate it! -_-

I never imagine this shit gonna happen to me. Like seriously, I never felt like this way before. I swear to god, this is the FIRST and LAST. Urghhh! -_-

Sooo called "kakak" and me ==

"Dik, kenapa dgn kaki adik tu? Terseliuh ke?"
"Err, xdala. Kaki okay je. Ni ha. Benda ni. Putus sudah -_-"
"Siannya. Kejap, akak cari pin. Biasanya akak bwk pin"

OH-MY-GOD. Pe jadah plak ni? I know she being nice to me but use dat pin is sooo not a good idea for me. It wont help! Trust me! Phew, she couldnt find her pin. Lucky sia -_-

"Bus 37 or U7, dah lalu x kak? -_-"
"Dah. 2 3 bus adik dah terlepas dah. Akak pun terlepas jugak"

Down deep inside my heart, I curse like a thousand times!! -_- . If you're living at Segambut and planning to go KL by public transport.. Ko jangan nak berangan la! I think nex year baru you sampai KL! Actually, im not going to KL but im going back my home. No one can fetch me from Seri Pacific. So, I go back by train and yes, its raining! What to do, I just walk alone thru the rain and YES, my flip flop PUTUS on the halfway to the bustop! Damnit! Lucky its not a roxy sial.

45 minutes ago . . . . .

I asked the security where can I get a public phone here cause I dont see any public phone around this hotel. Except at the lobby for the in-house guest -_- I called up Menara Star straight away and the person who incharge already went back. Oh dear, they called me but I cannot pick up the damn phone cause im working. So, the person asked me to call back tomorrow which is Friday. My battery is empty! So I cannot even turn on the phone! Damn! Actually, im really lazy to charge my phone. Okay, my bad. I admit it. LOL. I called my sis and ask her to pick me up. Then she told me she cant make it cause she gonna back around 8pm. WTF? I dun wanna wait like 3 hours? No way!

I open up my purse and NICE! I dun have any money. Totally ZERO! yes Z-E-R-O! 0! I try to find any coins inside my pocket but ........... Its empty. Try to find inside my handbag. EMPTY! WTF? Okay, last try. Inside my purse. Godek punya godek, I found 10cent -_- Went to The Mall, find the stupid public phone and call my dad. And I go WTF again, my dad is on the way back to Kuala Kubu Bharu. Arghhh. Camne nak balik?! Duit xda?! I totally have no idea how I wanna go back. No one at home right now cause mum already went to KKB this morning. Sis currently working. Dad? He otw back to KKB and my bro? I dun have any note or coins to call him. Sigh. I just sit down and almost cry T_T

I walk and walk. I dunno what should I do. Totally LOST. Xkan nak menapak pulang dgn jalan kaki? Oh tidak. Jauhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! Gilos! While walking, suddenly I remembered Maybank ATM Machine! LOL! Oh yeah, duit dalam tu ada lagi! HAHAHA. So, I walk back to The Mall, and I went back by train. From komuter Segambut, I have to walk abit to the bustop and while walking, its raining. So redah jela and that time flip flop putus. GOSHH! Curse gila babi kot time tu? LOL!

Here come 37. I press the bell button and got guy ask me from behind

a random guy and me ;;

"You didnt bring your umbrella?"
"Err. No. I didnt expect its gonna rain plus I didnt watch ramalan cuaca for today -_-"
"Nextime you should bring your umbrella. Like ppl said, sediakan payung sebelum hujan"
"Heh. Yela. Thanks"

a few seconds later . . . . . . .

"Eh, nvm la. I borrow you my slippers. Nahh. Tmr or if I see you again, you return back la"


"Ehhh. No no. Sokay. My house bawah ni je. Dah nak smpai dah. Nono. Thanks"

Reach home, I switch on my phone and I got 13 missed call from dad. He really worried bout me. 6 missed call frm sister -_-
I reach home at 7pm and after bathe I straight went to bed. Sigh. Horrible day for me T_T
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chapter 175 : A new day has come
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Hello, followersssssssssssssssssssss. I LOVE YOU (:


Im feeling so good today =p

This is sooo true. But who cares? HAHAHA. I cant live without it =p

Okay, where should I start? Well, I woke up at 7.28AM. Yes, people. Believe it! I woke up 7 AM IN THE MORNING! Hahaha. Im nt bluff. This is true la wey! LOL! So, I get ready and I left house at 9AM. So, lets say Hello to Seri Pacific Hotel. Hellooooooooooo Sunshine (: I am fever FREE. HAHAHA.

I reach there at 9.15am. Good la an. My first day working, 15 minutes late -_- Sigh. So, I went to the housekeeping take my clothes and all blablabla, find a new locker then went to Front Office Department and yeah. Here I am, alone and noob -__- First section I went to of course bell service la. For sure dia campak aku kat situ dulu. LOL. So, I met some arrogant people there. Heh. Mentang-mentang aku noob -_- No bullies okay? Or else, I smack or whack ur ass! LOL.

The cool about this hotel is they are not really strict like Legend. If at Legend, you cannot use your phone if not they gonna throw it away. Trust me. Break time? 1 hour baby. No more 45 minutes. Woots woots. Hair style? You can do whatever hair style you want! Wow, this is cool! LOL. Nail polish? You can wear it. Uhmm, what else? Oh yeah! Briefing time only for 15 minutes. No more 1 hour or 2 hour briefing time. Gahhh. Gilos Legend.

So, how bout the people? Uhm.. So far they're nice to me. I dunno if they only ACT nice in front of me or whatever. I just dun give a shit. Ada yang agak-agak sombong but hey, I just dont give a damn wey. Haha. I finish work at 6pm and reach home around 7. I had a bad traffic jam today. My shift? Im gonna be working 9am - 5pm till nex week.

Im waiting Menara Star to call me dowh. LOL.

Hey, you! Lets have a conversation here! Just between ME and YOU. Heee. Click formspring
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chapter 174 : A long day.
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Oh dear, im feeling so bunga-bunga right now. Hahaha. Hello, bloggers. Im sorry I didnt update yesterday. Seriously, im super duper exhausted and i had bad flu last night. Sigh. Oh my gosh. I went for the interview, guys. Woots. At Menara Star, Kuala Lumpur remember? Yeahh. I reach there sharp 12 noon. Menara Star not very far from my area. The distance is like 15 minutes from my house (:

I am so nervous! LOL. When I enter to HR Department, the girl at the reception asked me, "Farah right?" Im like wow? How did you know me? We never met before? -_- LOL. Oh maybe she found out thru my resume? LOL. Got my picture on it. Hahaha. So, I fill up the form blablabla and yada yada.

After that, I got test. They give me an essay 2 pages which I have to type it. That's mean they wanna know how faster I am in typing. Heh. You got wrong person, man. Hahaha. They give me 10 minutes but I finish it less than 10 minutes with NO error on spelling. I repeat it again people, NO ERROR. Hah! LOL.

Then, I have to wait like 40 minutes for my turn which that is kinda LONGGG? Gahh. What to do, first come first serve aite? Lol. Around 1.10pm, they interview me and I had fun. Seriously, they're funny and friendly to me. Wow, I guess that is soo positive? LOL. And they said I have good personality and very positive. HAHAHA. Thanks fr d compliment. I appriciate that. LOLOL. So, wish me luck guys. I did my best and I hope they will give a positive feedback. Lets pray for me xD

I went to Puchong after 4.30pm and I reach at 5.30pm. The installer still not come yet and I received phone call from Kak Ina and she told me the guy will arrive at 6.50pm? And I go WHAT THE FUCK? LOL! I said, make it fast cause Im waiting here! LOL. They came at 6.30 -_- soo.. ketang-ketung, ketang-ketung.. They done around 7pm. After that, we went out for dinner. Me and Kak Ina had tok. We tok bout her interview on this Saturday at AirAsia Academy. I hope she get that job. Jys, sis. I reach home around 10.30pm and im tired. Really tired man. Lols.

Oh btw, I didnt go to Sheraton cause im super duper lazy bum bum =p
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chapter 173 : Hello, February.
Feb 1, 2010 | comment | 2 comment(s)

Wow. Its already February! Lets say HI to February. HIII (: Hahaha -_- Currently im listening to Mario & Nesty - Never say goodbye. Im listen to it over and over again. Haha. I think im addicted to that song from now on. Thanks to you btw who introduce me to this song (:
Thanks to those who non stop give me an advice thru my formspring. I will never give up on life! Yeahh -_- Im trying my best not to be sooo emo. LOL. Jys me. This morning we had talk and I feel so relieved! Finally I let it out? Haha. Well, I hope everything gonna be just fineee like it used to be (:

Its such a nice start for february and I hope it could be like this always. Thinkin about february, Valentine's day is on the way. For all the lovey dovey couples, do you have any surprise for your loved ones? Heee. Make it memorable guys. Me? Heh. I will stay at home and online as usual or maybe I already start working? Hahas.

Tomorrow im gonna attend two interview at two different places. First at the Menara Star, Kuala Lumpur and second at the Sheraton Imperial, Kuala Lumpur. For the Menara Star I will have my second interview. Wow, im kinda nervous though cause I prefer this job than the others. Wish me luck, guys. Oh bout the Seri Pacific? I called them and I'll be start working on the wednesday.

Kak Ina called me and she said tomorrow astro will be install at her house on the evening. Since she gt work tomorrow, she ask me to come to her house at Puchong after I finish my interviews. KL-Puchong, Puchong-KL.. Thats kinda far -_- But its fine with me since I got nothing to do aite. So better I go and help her. Plus, I can meet my niece and nephews. Aww, I miss them much! I just met them yesterday and I already miss them. LOL.

Today, 2 people reminds me to sleep early. InsyaAllah. Hahaha. I will people, I will. But before that, do drop me some comment, question or ANYTHING thru my formspring

Oh yeah, I need to get a new keyboard and a new mouse. My mouse is being an ass! When I click once, it will auto be twice! Urghhh. Time xda duit la, semua benda nak rosak kan? -_- My keyboard, my space bar dah ke dalam. HAHAHA. Ni semua gara-gara audi. LOL. And my arrow key, cannot detect dah. Sigh. Should I get a new desktop? -_-
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