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chapter #100 : You give me this feeling
Sep 30, 2009 | comment | 0 comment(s)

A million faces, a million names
A million boys but there all the same
Until I set my eyes on you,
Like a moth into a flame
I just could not look away
There’s nothing else for me to do

You give me butterflies
Tangled up inside
I wanna close my eyes & hang on to this feeling
So tongue tied
Here’s what I’m trying to say
You give me butterflies

And every word is like a song
And I can’t help but sing along
You give me butterflies

i am happy.
i feel so loved.
i know i cherish by you.
nothing gonna change my love for you ♥♥


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chapter #99 : something happened
Sep 29, 2009 | comment | 0 comment(s)

currently listening to ;; haru haru by big bang

im addicted to that song.

farah is back to blogging AGAIN. welcome me, people (:

2 days ago. i open my screenshot in auditionsea's file. i wanna say, thank you for those sweet memories.
after that, i open my blog then i saw got people google my blog. LOL. then i saw all audition screenshot. hais. all the screenshot that i got post here before.. i feel sad. i dunno why i feel sad.

MOVE ON, farah !

im craving an attention from someone. could you be the one? (:
i feel so lonely and sad. i hate this feeling. i act to be happy but the truth is inside im dying.
yes, im the girl who wants an attention from you. im the girl who needs you in my life. im the girl who wants you to cheer me up. im the girl who wants to be loved. sigh.

im tired chasing for nothing ...........


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