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chapter 199 : I don't know what to do anymore
Feb 19, 2010 | comment | 17 comment(s)

click for larger image =(

IM SO FCUKING DOWN. Sigh. I spent most of my time with Tyra. And she draw me a picture. In the picture, im the one who crying and shes at the back trying to pujuk me. How sweet and cute. I wish hes the one who draw this. How sad? Haiz.

She trying her best to draw a rose for me but x menjadi. The flower doesnt look like a rose but still thanks Tyra. I really have no mood for blogging. I run out of ideas. And currently im sad-ing. Im not angry. I just feel dissapointed and upset. YES! IM SO DISSAPOINTED! The way u treat me. They way u treat me like .... Gahhh. Maybe you never bother at all?

Last night, I cried myself to sleep. I dunno. It just happened? Suddenly the tears rolled down by itself. I wipe it for a few times it still come out. Then I just let it go. Sigh. Why people so mean? =(

"I typed up "I love you" but then you signed off... is this fate telling me it's not meant to be?"
and this shit happened to me like a few times -_-

I wonder where is my prince? =/
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