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chapter 275 : 10 Things ..
Sep 24, 2010 | comment | 3 comment(s)

Whatever u give a woman, she will make it greater. Give her sperm, she will give u a baby. Give her a house, she will give u a home. Give her groceries, she will give u a meal. Give her a smile n she will give u her heart. She multiplies and enlarges what she is given. So if u give her crap, be ready to receive a ton of shit.

Sometimes in along term relationship men forget how to really appreciate their women. They stray away from all the things they use to do for her when they were younger and eventually some forget. Well, these top ten things will help you remember so you could show your appreciating and she'll show you hers. Love is a give and return thing, if you're not giving something she won't return anything.

10. Cooking
There a saying cooking a meal leads to man heart, the same goes for a woman. Cooking a meal for your woman is one of the sweetest things a man can do. Pick a meal you know that is simply for you and elegant. For instance, spaghetti; it's not that much work into it and not really hard. You could buy the sauce and heat it up and you'll have yourself a little romantic dish.

9. Watch what she wants to watch
Television to men is a sacred thing but sometimes let go of the remote. Watch her "woman" show like Oprah or Dr. Phil. You might not like it because it's a "woman" show but if you continue to watch you may enjoy it. There is nothing wrong with what she wants to watch it's just not your preference; just like basketball or cartoons aren't her but sometimes she sucks it up and watch with you.

8. Give her random massage
A woman likes nothing more than spontaneous action. So to surprise her with the smoothness and tenderness of your will blow her mind. Just let her relax while you place your hands on your body and it wouldn't hurt if you use some oil.

7. Tell her she's beautiful
Tell her she's beautiful not sexy. Beautiful and sexy is two different things. A beautiful person has nice facial appearance and nice feature while a sexy person only has nice feature. There is no harm with calling her sexy but men us sexy more than beautiful.

6. Talk nice about her friends
Talking nice about your woman friends is a strong point. I'm not saying talk about their friends' appearance traits but the "inner" traits. Even if her best friend a total bitch you should be able to pinpoint one good trait about that friend. There is nothing closer than friends so why would you talk bad about that?

5. Hold her hand
Holding hands is a bonding experience between two people. Be a gentleman and hold your lady hand. Holding her hand especially in public shows her you're serious. It's a small step but it's still a step. Think about it like this men are always lurking for a woman and you have to show them back off because that my woman and one way to do that is by holding her hand.

4. Don't act too macho in public
A man loves to act macho around other people but sometimes it's a little bit too much. There is a tender side to you and there is no problem showing a little bit. If your friends joke on you because of this just remember which of them have relationship and which one is totally happy with their woman.

3. Let her be right
When arguing you screams and screams. Sometimes just let it go and simply apologize. You may be wrong or right but it doesn't matter. An argument is not about proving whose right and who's wrong; an argument about acknowledging your mistake in the problem and resolving it. If you admit before you get deep in the argument you should be fine.

2. Spontaneous date
Women love spontaneous action. Surprise her with flowers and candy/chocolate is not a bad thing at all. Tell her you're going to wait in the living room till she's ready and don't tell her where you're taking her; Just be "Mr. Mystery" tonight. Just remember if you going to surprise her just bring some flower don't just show up, she might think it's not the first stop you been at.

1. Walk in the park
Since old times a stroll in the park is the easiest way to make a girl smile. Do you know why? It's because no matter how much people in the park it's like just the two of you strolling along just have good conversation. Yes, just make sure you prepare to talk when strolling in the park. Get to know her and she'll get to know you.This is just a few ways to show you appreciate your woman. There are many more way just be creative. Use your instinct and think with your heart. This is just a simple basic method you may use if you feel lost. Woo her off her feet and show her your appreciation.

Source : Nadira Z.
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chapter 274 : Best friend forever.
Sep 22, 2010 | comment | 0 comment(s)

Awww. I miss the good times :(

Graduation Day di sebelah. I rindu masa kita kelam kabut nak beratur cause kita tak datang pada waktu rehearsal. I rindu time Wida kelam kabut pinjam kasut Naemah cause she tak ada kasut nak pakai. LOL. Kelakar. I rindu time kita lepak sama-sama kat bawah pokok dan duduk di tempat biasa dekat meja warna putih. Walaupun meja putih tu senget, kita still duduk kat meja tu. Walaupun meja tu selalu kena cahaya matahari, kita duduk jugak. Eh, I rasa macam I pernah jatuh kerusi kan dulu? WAHAHAHA. Lame -__-

I rinduuuuu! Dulu kita selalu kena rotan dengan cikgu. Cikgu ingat kita yang conteng tandas tu padahal budak-budak jahat tu yang kenakan kita. Tak pasal-pasal kita kena rotan. I ingat lagi, masa form4, I kena rotan dengan cikgu gemuk tu. Tak ingat pulak nama dia. Dia ingat I yang gaduh, padahal tak. Bodoh punya cikgu. Geram pulak rasa. LOL. Sejak dari situ, asyik kena rotan je :(
And and I ingat lagi, Leya kena pakai telekung. WAHAHAHA! Sebab tudung dia pendek ala-ala tak serupa tudung gitu. Lepas tu, dia kena tawaf satu sekolah dengan telekung tu. LOLOL. Sumpah kelakar. Macam baru balik haji. HAHAHA!

Teringat dulu, guru kelas tak bagi I kawan dengan Leya. Dia kata, sebab Leya, I jadi nakal macam ni. Dia kata I salah pilih kawan? Ye ke? Cikgu tipu. I tak percaya! Dulu, kita tak kawan dengan Sheera. Kita jahanamkan beg sekolah dia. And and I ingat lagi. Kita jual handphone dia. Hahaha! Lepas tu kita share-share duit hasil jualan. Best kan? Lepas tu, kita hampir nak bakar beg sekolah Sheera tapi tak jadi cause budak-budak kampung tu dah report cikgu disiplin :(
Semua harta benda dalam kelas, I dengan kawan-kawan rosakkan. Sebab sakit hati dan bengang dengan budak-budak kampung tu, semua buku-buku, meja, kerusi, harta benda mereka, kami rosakkan. I ingat lagi, Leya ludah kat atas meja diorang. Hahaha! And I tuangkan air soya bean atas meja diorang. Pastu mereka mengadu, meja mereka melekit-lekit. LOLOL! Heaven kan? :D

You guys, you guys ingat lagi tak waktu kita pergi genting? Kita tukar baju dalam cable car? LOLOL! Kelam kabut punya pasal, tukar baju dalam cable car pun jadi lah. And and kita ponteng sekolah, pergi genting and at the same time, sebab birthday I kan? (: Best sangat! Cikgu-cikgu semua tak suka dekat kita. Mereka ingat kita jahat. Padahal kita baik. Kita tak kacau mereka pun unless mereka cari pasal dengan kita dulu. Kan kawan-kawan? LOL. Rindu nyaa. I rindu waktu amali dengan cikgu Narimah. Cikgu Narimah baik. I rasa sedih sangat bila kita buat cikgu Narimah kecewa. Dia kecewa bila kita tak masuk kelas dia. Dia merajuk. Cikgu Narimah memahami and Cikgu Nina pun. Mereka tahu, kami tak jahat. Cuma nakal sedikit. Je. LOL.

Sekarang, Leya study dekat KPJ and kena gantung buat masa ni. LOLOL! Wida pulak, masih bekerja di Legend Hotel. Naemah, membawa diri ke India. Kononnya nak berubat. Eww. And I? I masih di sini and I'm happy with my new life :D
Well, even kami tak saling berjumpa seperti dulu pada waktu sekolah. Kami still contact each other kan kan? I'm so proud to be one of them. BFF ♥ Amin ~
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chapter 273 : He's the one.
Sep 19, 2010 | comment | 0 comment(s)

To be continued ... (:
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