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chapter 197 : Oh, bloggers.
Feb 16, 2010 | comment | 7 comment(s)

I don't want another Cinderella story. I don't even want a Twilight story. All I want is YOU & ME. ME & YOU. Together. Our own story. Our own....
Happy ending (:

Clap clap clap. Congratulations to Farah. She is one of the "Profail popular hari ini" AGAIN! Thanks, GengBlogger. Haha. At first, I didnt notice it. Seriously but then when Aidi said ,
Terniat plak di hati nak bukak GB. Lol. Then I scroll scroll. OHMAIGOSH! He just randomly said it or what? Haha.
Seriously, I never expect anything in my life. First time I joined GengBlogger I was like "Wow! He read 539 blogs in one day? Crazy sia!". Then I look at the Profail Popular and I think "They sure famous sia and must be very active". I was noob! Like really noob! I still remembered, Ariff who the one introduce me into GB.

Sadly, he didnt get any title cause he not really active. Lols. And yes, on the second day my cbox was very busy. I received alot of comment from them. That was nice and quite fun cause with that way we can get new friends. Heee. Yesterday, I went to Nuffnang and I look back my previous analytics. In one day, I got 559 viewers from different country and I think that is so cool and the next day it turn to 610 viewers! Im so proud with myself kot? Haha.

Sometimes I received comment from other people and they said I do have a nice blog, nice entry, and they just love to read my blog. Aww. To those who said that, you really make my day! Haha. Thanks people! As far as I know, my life is sooo not interesting but they still read my crap and im touched. Hahas. I just having a normal life like the others and as you all know, my post fulls with frustrated and all the stupid emo posts. Lols.

My body isnt perfect. I dont walk with confidence. I get into fights with my parent and friends. Some nights I'd rather be by myself than out partying. I cry over the smallest thing sometimes. There are days I through forced smiles and fake laughs. Sometimes I try to convince myself that things are okay when they're not. Im not ugly but im not beautiful. I dont look as good in real life as I do in pictures. There are some nights that I cry myself to sleep. I constantly think im not good enough. Im imperfect but im perfectly me.

Just like You (:

Thanks to Ariff and thanks to my followers, to my silent readers and fans? Eh, I got fans meh? Haha. Who knows? Silent fans ke? Haha. I really appriciate it. Somehows, you guys cheer me up. Thanks alot.
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