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chapter #65 : Birthday! Birthday!
Jan 5, 2009 | comment | 0 comment(s)


Farhah Athirah
Sweet Fourteen
May all your wishes will come true
And have a wonderful birthday.
present is on the way =="

p/s : she currently doing her homework. muahaha. schoolgirl. LOL.


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chapter #64 : Day out
Jan 4, 2009 | comment | 0 comment(s)

went to midvalley with wida and thyra. but thyra nt join me. cuz she hangout with her fren. so only me and wida. hahas. shud be, 1pm must reach midvalley. uh.. i woke up at 12.30pm. wahahaha. i gt miss called frm wida, ariff and thyra which total is 20 miss called. waa, so many ppl wan be my alarm uh? hahaha.

so, im in rushing mode. me and thyra reach midvalley around 2pm? yeah. 2pm. i guess. so i meet wida at lovely lace. then thyra go find her fren. my mission is find a job. lol. so before we start our mission, we go lunch. wida alr starving while waitin fr me. wahaha. sry babe. i slp at 6am la. hahaha.

we eat pizza. yumm yumm. afta dat, we go find job. thing dat they always say is "just leave ur name and ur phone number. then we will call u" sigh. actually, i alr found ler. hahas. so i will start on 7 Jan.

afta dat, we slack at coffee bean. my leg tired alr. so we tok tok and tok. gossips here and dere. snap pics. really had fun today. cause its been so long i din go out with her. then we go back home. wait fr train. then reach home around 8.30pm. great. my feet gt blister. sigh. im so tired. gosh.

reach home, on9. then go bathe. my mei on9. so we audi-ing. tag hearts until sian. lol. oh. she bloggin AGAIN! [click here] im promoting ur blog! u shud credit me, ok? hahaha. influenced by me. muahaha.

finish audi so early. like 2 or 3am. i wait fr my Wall-E. 98.9%. weee~ cant wait.


ok finish dload! so im watching Wall-E. influenced by kamil. u shud credit me, dude. he say, my comp gt so many space and i dunno hw to use it. fcuk you. lol.

he gt turn on by Eve. hehe.

they hugging. aww.

kays, i fin watch ler. so i offf now. tata~ =D


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chapter #63 : My nights are long and my days are cold
Jan 3, 2009 | comment | 0 comment(s)

I miss your love
I find it hard to go on
The summer sky don't mean a thing
I thought I'd always be strong
I got a feeling inside
And it's making my heart cry

Cause I'm missing you
And it's making me blue
Yeah, I'm missing you
But what can I do
Thousand miles away.. from you

So what's the meaning of this
To be living like this
It ain't no fun at all
I wonder where are you now


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chapter #62 : Im bored again
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i cut my hair =D

my new hair. no diff. i knw. shuddup! lol. its short. nt rly short la. my dad said, "u cut ur hair or not? cause no diff =.=". WTFISH? see me face to face la! then u knw gt diff or not. lol. uh uh, i cut my fringe oso. nt rly short. but okok la. lol

tmr im goin out with wida. wee. midvalley, here i come =D. actually we go there fr job hunting. hehe. my dad keep askin me to find a job. arghhh. i comfortable with my life now. but, hw long u wanna stay like dis? i must find job, get money then shopping! rawrrr! haha.

ok, im bored. spend time with dillon like only 30mins? zz. he on9 but dota-ing with hag. zz again. then he on9 again. but he nid to go slp. zzzz AGAIN! then he POOF! off9 alr. sigh. im so bored. like dunno what to do. no mood fr audi oso. then my mei on9. so we tagging hearts. i really wan the 2 hearts gold ring. rawrr! lol. only tag fr awhile then we ubp-ing.

so yeah. now im blogging. and i shud go slp. since tmr im goin out. nitez.


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chapter #61 : Love
Jan 2, 2009 | comment | 0 comment(s)

L is for the way you look at me
O is for the only one I see
V is very, very extraordinary
E is even more than anyone that you adore can

Love is all that I can give to you
Love is more than just a game for two
Two in love can make it
Take my heart and please dont break it
Love was made for me and you

I like the way you make me feel. The way you make me laugh. The way you make me smile. You're really sweet to me. Everyday i love you more and more. I just cant stop. I cant stop loving you and missing you. You're my sweetest drug and I'm addicted. I will stay with you no matter what, no matter when. I will always love you. And I hope our love will last forever. Ilysmb (:


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chapter #60 : Trojan Horse
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sigh. hard fr me to describe what is my current feeling now. i feel sad, angry, stress, happy, messed up. double sigh. today i woke up early. around 10am? ariff came to my house. so yeah. we slack. settle our problem. etc. then, he went to office. so, like always i turn on my comp. login my ID then suddenly my screen BLANK. yes, its blank. haiz

i cannot see anything except the white cursor. aiyoo. wtf is happenin? well, i tot is only normal prob. so i shut down comp, and turn on again. i alr do dat 3x ok? still nt work. suddenly i feel scared, if my parent knows bout dis, i sure die. they wont let me stay up until morning. of course. sure mom dun let me use comp anymore. then i start to cry. yeah. like a baby -.-

then i call ariff, i tell him bout dis. then he cool me down. he say, call HP customer care. i did. and yeah. the agent ask me to press key F10, F9, F8. still not work! still same! i cannot see anythin at the desktop. no icon! no start button. i feel stress u know. then the agent say, i nid to reinstall my windows. im like WTFISH? i nv backup all the files. then u wan me to reinstall! FISH THIS!

i ask him, if i do backup, hw much it will charge? 100bucks. dotz. in my mind, i wanna buy new handbag. if i tell dad bout dis, i cannot buy that handbag sia. gosh. what am i suppose to do? so i choose reinstall without backup my files. haiz. all my pics, AUDITIONSEA, latest song, POOF! gone. i feel so stupid. everyday my comp gt remind me, "Backup your files". but i just ignore dat. now what? regret? ha ha ha. too late ler. sigh.

so, i spend d whole day, redload and reinstall everything dat i lost. especially audi. eee. it takes 5 hours to dload. gosh. nw 79%. sian la. what happen to my windows? rmb i gt post wida came to my hse, she wan take her pendrive back? yeah. her pendrive gt TROJAN HORSE. so, that damn fcukin virus effect my comp. haiz. my anti virus oso stupid one. lame. cannot protect my comp.

im nt angry. cause thing alr happen. what to do? but lil bit stress. cause i lost all the files.
and i miss you, darling (:


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chapter #59 : Hello, 2009!
Jan 1, 2009 | comment | 0 comment(s)

Goodbye 2008 and Welcome 2009

Forget bout the past, nothing to regret.
Start your new year with your loved ones.
Teehee :D


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