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chapter 195 : This beautiful world is filled with fucked up people
Feb 16, 2010 | comment | 5 comment(s)

Dear diary,

Tell her how you admire her. Always tell her you love her at all times, but never when your unsure yourself. When she’s upset hold her tight. Pick her over all the other girls you hang out with. Play with her hair, pick her up, tickle her and wrestle with her. Just talk to her, tell her jokes. Bring her flowers just because. Hold her hand and run, just to hold her hand. Throw pebbles at her window at night. Let her fall asleep in your arms.

Sing to her no matter how awful you sound. Get her mad at you and then kiss her. Push her on swings. Tell her she looks beautiful. When she’s sad stay on the phone with her, even if she’s not saying anything. Look into her eyes and smile. Kiss her on the forehead. Slow dance with her even if there is no music. Kiss her in the rain. But most of all, love her with everything you have.

Gahhh. Congratulations. You just ruined my mood. Here, a gold medal for you. Peace (middle finger)

Someone hug me please? =/

Im so down right now. I need someone to talk to who can hear my crap. Someone who can stay up for me. Someone who can cheer me up? Are you the one that im looking for? Sigh. My heart is fragile and im sensitive sometimes.

A message for you and YOU!

You. You boleh tak jangan bagi I serabut? Cukuplah. I had enough. Please?

And for you, we known each other quite long kan? Apa kata we exchange place, I jadi you, and you jadi me, so if I ask you the same question, how do you feel? Happy? Angry? Jealousy? Mad? Or you wanna kill me?

Im controlling myself now. Inhale. Exhale :'((
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