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chapter 203 : All those lovers are liars
Feb 22, 2010 | comment | 34 comment(s)

Im not looking for a lover. All those lovers are liars
Yes they are (:
I had msn with Paan and he just admit that all boys are liars. Wanna see the proof? Here I show you.
Paan ;; Me

dun mention his name la
boys sume sama
ske menipu
tau pun
apa yg dia tipu btw?
ko pn admit boys ske menipu!
da aku boys.
bagus la

Because I have alot of broken heart experiences, at one point I told my friend "Hey, kau jangan ingat boyfriend kau tu baik sangat lah. Lelaki ni sume kaki penipu. Jangan sampai dia tipu kau. Baru padan muka kau."

Yes, I know im not a good friend but I just wanna let them know that never crazy in love with your partner. Its not good. You give them your trust but one day im sure and I bet you they will break your trust into a million pieces. Trust me. I face this problem like a million times.

Nothing gonna change my mind. For me, boys are all the same. There are no different. Tiada lelaki yang baik and tiada lelaki yang jahat. Semua sama. That's it. You wanna change it? Come. Meet me face to face and show me the real man! Make me change my mind then! I dont even trust my own boyfriend. Why? He break the rules -__-

I’m not going to spend my life chasing people. You wanna leave? Fine then, go ahead. Cause im done with chasing and caring for people who never had interest in me. Nothing lasts and people change. I’ve learned love is hard and life is strange.

Still remember im finding a love. real love. ridiculous. inconvenient. consuming. cant-leave-without-each-other love?


Im not gonna find it anymore! I had enough with what Im going through right now! Im sick and tired with dramas! I hate drama and you know that :'[
Give me my heart back, forget all of the pain. I'm so sick and tired of playing your game.

I will never show you my pain. I will never let you see me cry. Cause I know you never care at all :)
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