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chapter #87 : stalker.
Jun 30, 2009 | comment | 0 comment(s)


whoo hoo!

that is the fact!
perasan enough?
im telling the truth la!

i think they sooooooo crazy over me.
dats y they stalk me like everyday? HAHAHA

well, beautiful people always get an attention LIKE ME!
i just born to be pretty?
dont be jealous, baby (:
face it. im more prettier than you.
you're just mix of mamak who got mr.bean's nose.

let me present..
the pathetic nurul hanishah and her cousin, nur aleeza ariff shah
they are my fans in malaysia. hahaha!
they like me. they stalk me. they crazy bout me!
its sokay my fans are FUGLEH. i dont mind (:

here is the conversation between the bitch and her cousin, slut (:

weh jp g aku add gf arep nnti die tau aku cousin ko lak.....xpe ke
ko add jer dia xpnah nmpak ko kan...dia tak tau punye...nnt klu dia dah approve ko g tau tau...
sha,,,farah idris rmai do.....die ltak pic pew......
pic dia kat laut ade matahari terbenam...ade tak???
k aku da add....nnti die da apprve aku g tau ko......
ok thankz....
sha.....bkn maen lg pic dowang.....xla cntek mane gf arep tuh....heeeee.....
eh canteq per...hahaha...tu lah bkn men lg...mse dia kat pd tu dia still kwn ngan aku lg tp dia tpu aku dia cakp dia blk kmp...kuang aja kan....ermmm biar lah enda...aku trme jer...

to the slut : kau jangan ingat aku x kenal kau siapa (: inot stupid, you asshole! hahaha. i know who you are. and mmg sengaja aku approve kau. why? cause i wanna show you my sweet, beautiful and lovely pictures! you said im not pretty, cause you're just jealous of me! hahaha.

to the bitch : i dont wanna stop you. KEEP STALKING, BABY! cause im not the one who gonna get heart broken. you're just makin me famous! tell the whole world bout me! cause you're just wasting your time. and i feel sorry for you. kesian kan? x ada orang nak? sampai minta orang lain carikan BOYFRIEND? hahaha. why? dah x laku ke? LOL!

im a good hacker. so, there's nothing you can hide from me (:

oh, there is one thing!
i got another conversation between the bitch and her friend, umi (:

weh ape kes ngan mamat tu??memanjang EL je
entah lah umi...aku malas nak ambk tau hal dia,dia ckp kat aku dia blk kmpg bapak dia sakit..abg dia cal aku,abg dia ckp dia g pd..hehe..biase lah dia tu mne pnah nak ckp bnde yg btol,,,sume cte dia cte tpu...haha...lantak dia lah nak wat pe pon..janji jgn kacau idup aku lg...kan2??
ada 1 malam tu dia ade ym kat aku.kire aku dapat online message la. aku pun lupa dia ym bile.dia cakap camni 'suka la ko pasni dah xkan jumpa aku lagi,aku dah xkan keje situ lagi,semuanya xadil'..
owh yea ker...mse ari last dia kat sni pon dia ckp gak ngan aku,,"aku dah tak lme kat cni,aku dah mls nak keje kat cni lg..."abg dia ckp kat aku dia dpt keje ngan farah(gf die)tat y dia bla mcm tu jer...Ahh,,,mcm mne nie??2 2 pon takut..hik2..tak brtgur lah smpai ble2 jawabnyer..hahaha,,mne ade bf..susah lah umi nak pcye kat laki skunk nie,,sakit yg lme pon tak ilang lg...lg pon aku msih tak le nak trme ape yg dah jd antre aku ngan mamat tu..aku still syang kat dia lg,aku pon tak tau nape aku still syg kat dia stlh dia wat mcm2 kat aku...biar je lah..nnt dah lme2 ok lah tu kan??wat mse nie aku xnak pikir pon psl bf2 nie...serabut pale otak aku...

my sayang pun famous jugak.
cause they keep talking bout him? haha.
macam-macam. LOL.

oh oh. i got some her status, the bitch's status.

"thinhking bout past story bout my life...."6 hours ago
Mood: sad

"y everyone always mad at me???im sooo sad..".at 9:49 PM Jun 28

"i i'll try not to rude to u...coz u r still in my heart..."at 11:15 AM Jun 25

the last one,
x boleh tahan! haha.
you know what?

she told me, she wanna engage end of this year.
then suddenly come "coz u r still in my heart..." status. haha.
pe ni cha? lu cite nak gempak la cha! hahaha.

i cant stop laughing la! hahaha
i cant stop thinking how stupid they are!


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chapter #86 : im back (:
Jun 26, 2009 | comment | 0 comment(s)


im back! teehee :D

oh oh, i just love tioman!
later, more updates (:


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chapter #85 : Away (:
Jun 21, 2009 | comment | 0 comment(s)


for summer holiday to Tioman Island (:
from 22 june 2009 until 25 june 2009
bye bye (:


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chapter #84 : Saya bosan. Anda?
Jun 8, 2009 | comment | 0 comment(s)

so far, i got some reply for the preview post (:

me : my friend

*ya i want the bitch's number
*hell no
*juz save it. in case :P
*nt interested? haha
*nah, she look so indian-ish
*haha. she mix la. cool what. haha
*u knw mamak?
*im not interested anything that is mamak based


Farhan : eh i want that bitch number.
RM1 per night is a reasonable price. hahhaha
Farhan : i mean 1 BUCK

i give the bitch's number at his blog (:
ok. enough bout this.

today, do nothing at home.
yeah. i didnt go to work.
cause selsema babi attack me. haha.
these few days, im not feel so good. sigh.

so i just sit at home.
watch tv. then i sleep.
what a boring day -_-
that's all for now.


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chapter #83 : DON'T MESS WITH ME!
Jun 7, 2009 | comment | 0 comment(s)

what a nice day today. heeee :D

let me introduce to you guys,
the new bitch! weeeee!
clap clap clap!

she says : hello, im a bitch (:
1 buck per night. call me, im waiting :D

about her :
* she's a clubber. LOL -_-
* she's 19 years old.
* working.
* i dunno her status.
maybe single and finding or taken and still finding or idk. haha.
she's a bitch! sorang tak cukup, okay? LOL!
* loves to ruin people's life (:
* she's a big fat liar.
* she loves to talk crap.
* and she's a bitch a.k.a whore :D

you guys can contact her thru myspace or facebook.
here's the link (just click on the link)

if you want her phone number, DO ASK ME (:

im selling people dowh! hahahahahaha!
so what? -_-
i only sell this bitch!
dunno gonna laku or not. sure tak dowh! hahahaha!
i wish this person can see this. hahaha!
one day,
u gonna thank me cause you're sooooooooooooooooo gonna be famous, baby!

actually, i dont want to put your picture on my blog
it SEMAK okay?
but ure forcing me! i really dont want to.
but im sorry. awww :D
this is the beginning.
if you still wanna messing with me. go ahead, bitch!
i can do more!!
but please dont make me to do more than this (:
you sure not gonna like it.

before this,
i only put ur link.
but at this time, you're going to far.
stop create a new lies and problems.
youre just wasting your time, your credit, and your ideas to pissing me off.
come on, bitch! wake up! and MOVE ON!
past is past. face the fact!
wake up from your "nak bersama sehingga ke anak cucu" world!
you're just a piece of shitt. ggrrr! :P

im done (:


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chapter #82 : When you love somebody,
Jun 6, 2009 | comment | 0 comment(s)

im not in the mood actually.
i feel like nak demam. sigh.
and i feel so berdebar-debar right now.
tak sedap hati feeling come to me like so many times. gosh.
in my mind, something gonna happen?

leya called me.
and she broke up with her boyfriend.
when i heard her voice, she sounds so happy?
cause she really dont care bout her boyfriend btw. haha.
her boyfriend is such a JERK!
when she tell me the story,
sorry to say. but this is the fact, okay?


her case same like mine.
but her situation lil bit diff with mine
which her boyfriend already got a girlfriend before he met my friend (i guess?)
but the plot still same (:
soo.. the guy wanna break up. maybe cause dah KANTOI?
then the girl call my friend, so they got talk, talk and talk.
so, my friend agree to break up.

my case, sayang kantoi with me.
but i never ask him to break up.
between my case and her case, mine is more complicated. hahaha.
but she can handle this prob.
me? no way. i cry everyday, every night.
honestly, im a sensitive person. and i cry alot. so what?

i just hate people who tell lies..
i know, i also not really good.
what i mean is in ur relationship.
when you love somebody,
be honest to your partner.
never lie to them.
what is the point if you lie to them?
you just create a new prob.
and later you gonna stress cause cannot tahan with it.

i tell this cause i already learn my lesson.


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chapter #81 : random post
Jun 4, 2009 | comment | 0 comment(s)

DAY OFF! weee!

in my schedule, shud be sayang come to my house at 11.45am. that is what he told me.
"i come to your house at 11.45"

i woke up at 11.59am.

i go check my phone. no call from him. i called him then no answer.
im like -_-
i wonder how many missed call he get from me.
sure like 30 missed call from chentaku ? -_-

today, i watch gubra. yesterday i watch sepet.
i like to watch them so many times. best kot? (:
i finish my bathe at 2.30pm.
then get ready for an interview at the legend hotel.
sadly, my sayang is not around. din get any "gdluck" from him. hmmph.

so yeah. met wida at the mall.
then we met this one cute guy who sell CK ONE SUMMER only for RM60? -_-
sorry, bang. i just bought new parfume (:
wida pulak, 50 : 50.
lastly, she end up with not buying that parfume. haha
oh oh. that guy askin for my phone number
sorry. im taken by my sayang (:

the interview end at 6pm. then i straight go back home.
my feet gt blister cause im wearing wedge :S
plus no mood for jalan-jalan. and wida also in hurry.

amilia text me. she said she got UiTM shah alam.
im like. omfg! im so jealous ok?
cause i din knw i can get in or not
aww.. :(

currently waiting for upu result. haiz.
hope i can get in. wish me luck, guys (:


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