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chapter 198 : Mixed emotions are the worst emotions
Feb 18, 2010 | comment | 2 comment(s)

Hahaha. This picture made me LOLOL-ed.

Some people might be hard to reach me. Im sorry. And sorry again to Amilia. Should be im going to her house today but ........ Its hard to say. All I can say is im sorry, babe. Sigh.

Im not in a good mood. Mood swings nowadays. I dunno why. Sometimes im okay and sometimes im soooo not okay. Currently my mood is upside down. All I want is someone who can make me laugh for non-stop. Lols.

Big thanks to Tyra. She try to pujuk me and I think the pujukan menjadi? Abit la. Lols. I had msn with her and she give me a hug icon. Aww. That is so sweet. Hugs back* Im so lonely. Seriously I need someone to talk to. To laugh with. Hais. Life is getting so gayyy.

I still remembered I had msn with this one guy. So he asked me what up blablabla and he trying his best to cheer me up. Thats nice and lastly when we both gtg he give a hug icon. Aww. He is the first guy who give me that icon. Seriously wey. Lols. But I didnt reply him. I just ignore him. Maybe im sick of boy's attitude? I know he try to calm me but no thanks. Actually im waiting for someone else to do that =/

Last night, I received a miss called from this guy. Gosh. Now ure looking back for me or what?
Please leave me alone. I dont need you anymore =(
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