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chapter #12 : graduation day
Oct 31, 2008 | comment | 0 comment(s)

i look ugly. i know. shut up! lol

from left : me, leya, naemah, wida, jajad

oh i come late for the event. haha.
reach sch around 8.30am
and guess what?
we, got prob with shoes. hahaha
wida didnt bring her shoes. same as leya.
lucky me and naemah bring shoes fr them
but the prob is, leya dunno how to wear heels. lmao. lol
so, i have to wear the heels, and she wear my flat shoes. zz. LOL.

ppl tot dat we not comin. eh hello. macam x tau pulak.
we all kan selalu datang lambat? lol
so yeah. since we all x datang for the rehearsal. everythin mess up.
i dunno when is my turn whr my position etc. cacat. zz.
and suddenly i got no shoes? we exchnge shoes? entah la. everythin cacat! hahaha

uh. ariff come to my house like 1.30AM? zzz
juz nak exchange hp? wtf? haih.
he say tmr he gt treasure hunt. so he want use my camera cause mine more clear.
pakai je N76. lol. i hate his hp. quite complicated la.
so yeah. he come. and my parent is not around. they go shop.
i dunno what they buy and rly dun care. lol

oh, im gonna get a webcam soon. hahas.

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chapter #11: cause its thursday
Oct 30, 2008 | comment | 0 comment(s)

my dad wake me up. and as usual he ask me "nak gi sekolah ke x arini?"
uh. dalam hati berat nak gi. cause its thursday! hahaha.
memikirkan hari ini ada rehearsal graduasi, pergi jugak lah.
since me and friends malas nak masuk awal, we breakfast dulu before gi sekolah.

oh, today anuar join us and fr the 1st time anuar hang out dengan kami.
too bad wida cant make it. im nt sure why.
but naemah datang last min. zz.

i wanted to eat roti canai.
but then no more roti canai ler.
so we eat nasi lemak. hmm. boleh tahan la. haha.
while we talkin, naemah saw dis one guy. eee. x da la hot sgt pun. haha
so, naemah try to tarik perhatian dat guy. haha. but biasa la. boys kan lembab. haha
and lelaki tu buat bodoh jela. then suddenly, naemah like showin her boobs. LOL.
not like she take off her cloth. LOL! she like mendada, u knw like menggatal way? LOL.
lame ah. haha. lucky u gt big boobs sayang. LOL. at the end, dat guy smiling at her. haha
then she start to feel bunga-bunga. muahahaha. i knw how u feel baby.

8.30am. we still x masuk sch.
8.45am, we gerak and walk to the bus station. padahal sekolah x jauh pun. lol.
naemah x gi sch cause she gt work. well. she kan money face $_$
while we walkin, we terlepas bus. like. wtf? x nak jalan kaki!
then leya and me ada unsur2 malas nak ke sekolah. haha
so we change plan, we take bus and lepak at mcdonalds ^^
we lepak until 2pm. zzz.
and i fight with ariff. whateva. hate him.

haih. like menyesal pun ada. cause i x gi sch pun. better duduk kat rumah. haih
buang masa. yes. mmg buang masa. haha.
tmr, graduation day. spm pun x start lagi. haha. nak grad konon =p
oh, i always gt prob with baju kurung. zz. cause i dun have one! ZZZ


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chapter #10 : up up AWAY
Oct 28, 2008 | comment | 0 comment(s)


thank you.


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chapter #9 : october
Oct 26, 2008 | comment | 0 comment(s)


danish adam

damia aleesya

muhammad ariff

faiz mutalib

farhan mutalib


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chapter #8 : LOL
Oct 21, 2008 | comment | 0 comment(s)

thank you for telling me this naemah. haha.
she told me that jajad hates me. LOL!

i hate you too, jajad (:
he hates me just cause i called him "gay!" in front of public. LOLOL.
crap -.-
chill la gay. i was joking je kan? why so angry? zzz.
i dont even care when u shout at ppl that im les?! zzz

so yeah. every night,
jajad will text naemah and gossip-ing bout me. zzz
what a gay! -.-
x da life ah you. haha.

whatever la gay. u lame. thats it. haha

okay, enough with that stupid gay.
so today, me, leya, wida and ariff went fr breakfast at mcdonalds.
yumm yumm. haha.
and we reach sch around 9-ish.

haha. I PASS MY AGAMA! lolol
well. i nv pass agama before. zz.
agama hard la. sigh.
plus, i always slpy when it comes to agama. haih

2weeks more.
afta that, im free!

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chapter #7 : you never try
Oct 19, 2008 | comment | 0 comment(s)

i'm so down.

i need you.

why can't you see?!


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chapter #6 : this is me
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Instructions :
Bold the statements that are true to you. Italicize the statements that you wish were true. Leave the fibs alone. Then, stab 5 people to do the same test.

I’m 170cm tall.

I don’t know what I want at the moment.

I’m not happy.

I hate my friends.

I hate my life.

I hate my grades.

He drives.

I’m bored of driving.

I have a white handbag.

I love dancing.

I go clubbing every week.

Shopping is bullshit.

I have a tattoo of a star.

I got my navel pierced.

I have friends that take drugs.

90% of my friends smoke.

I still hang out with my ex, even though our break up was rather nasty.

I’m studying Fashion.

I have a business running.

I hate cartoons.

I hate someone.

I have 10 Guess handbags.

I buy CLEO every month.

My parents don’t know about my blog.

I have an iPod.

I don’t have faith in the current “one”.

My school mates know about my blog.

I wanted to be a fashion designer.

I love rock emo bands.

I hate it when people cancel last minute meet ups.

I’m a rebel.

I’m starting to like wearing dresses.

I don’t believe in love.

High school's filled with drama.

My parents have faith in me.

I’ve bought shoes this month.

A blogger bitched about me before.

I hate sports.

I heart Italian food.

I hate meeting new people.

I hate nail polish.

The mother bear gives me hugs.

People should start appreciating me.

High school was the worst time of my life.

I have red hair.

One Utama is my second home.

I’m a guy.

I’m scared of my Biology exam which I’m going to face tomorrow.

I hate vacations.

We’ll last.

I believe in long distance relationships.

I’m going to get high and smoke weed one day soon.

I’ve robbed an old lady.

I’m starting to like applying make-up.

I was a tomboy.

At times I think I still am a tomboy.

I love bitching about people behind their backs.

I still have a best friend.

I have a cat.

I hate surprise parties.

I hate planning parties.

I’m hot.

I’m a sinner.

I’ve got a DS light.

I have a Wii.

I can live without music.

Video games are a waste of time.

I miss the father bear.

I love being in love.

I know how to cook.

I have 100% freedom.

Boys are assholes.

I hate Math.

I’m happy with what I have.

I love horror films.

I slept in my parents’ room for 3 days after watching Scream when I was a kid.

My old friends keep in touch with me.

I don’t read newspapers.

The news is such a waste of time.

Blogging is a waste of time.

I hate animals.

I can’t live without make-up.

I curse like a pirate.

I’m happy with my 11 year old car.

I hate people that are smart.

I love Orange juice.

I can’t drink for nuts.

I believe that everyone in their teens have lost their virginity.

I’ve got a new phone.

I’m going to get a new pair of shoes by the end of this month.

I love swimming.

I haven’t worked out since March.

I think I’m fat.

I love my friends and family.

i tag ;;



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chapter #5 : now, im in this condition
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All alone on a Sunday morning
Outside I see the rain is falling
Inside I'm slowly dying
But the rain will hide my crying

And you
Don't you know my tears will burn the pillow
Set this place on fire
'Cause I'm tired of your lie
All I needed was a simple "Hello"
But the traffic was so noisy that you could not hear me cry

I gave you my love in vain
My body never knew such pleasure,
My heart never knew such pain
And you,
You leave me so confused

Now I'm all cried out, over you.


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chapter #4 : hello again?
Oct 18, 2008 | comment | 0 comment(s)

finally i can on9. weee.
its almost 2weeks i didnt on9.
cause of my stupid modem. zz
i rly miss u guys. lol.
gosh, i cant rmb which one is "a" , "b" etc. lol

oh life.
gettin worse. SPM like 3 more weeks.
and thats the latest news. lol

oh, to leya ;;
"me and him. over ler. lol. i wont bunga-bunga again. haha."


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chapter #3 : you've been tagged!
Oct 3, 2008 | comment | 0 comment(s)

SOALAN 1: 7 fakta tentang diri anda?

#1 : lazy ass!
#2 : money face $_$. lol. im broke now. so i nid money. hahaha
#3 : im ugly. rly ugly man.
#4 : im TAKEN! sry boys. lol.
#5 : i love shopping (:
#6 : i hates books.
#7 : i hate smokers. tq (:

SOALAN 2: Zaman persekolahan anda.

2(a) 5 tabiat buruk anda waktu di sekolah rendah.

#1 : omg. i suka bully and ask money frm them. wtf? gila jahat. haha
#2 : saya malas nak buat hmwrk.
#3 : habiskan duit before rehat. lol
#4 : selalu cakap dengan kawan-kawan "x nak kawan kau lagi. bagitau mak aku" lol!
#5 : slp in class.

2(b) 3 subject kegemaran anda disertakan dengan sebab

#1 : english - teacher tu lawa. haha
#2 : PMM - oh, cikgu yg paling saya sayang (:
#3 : maths - i have to love dis subject! zz

2(c) 3 subject bukan kegemaran disertakan dengan sebab

#1 : history - she scared me like shyt.
#2 : bm - ya i hate bm. lol. cuz susah nak skor A when spm
#3 : agama - im not interested with dis subject. sry.

SOALAN 3: Tentang anda.

3(a) menarik pada kamu;
* saya tidak menarik. lol

3(b) anda tak boleh hidup tanpa;
* computer saya :(

3(c) malam sebelum tidur siapa anda hubungi;

depends pada crdt la. if xda crdt sms je ngn boyfriend saya (:

7 manusia yang anda tag selepas ini.

* zrina
* dee
* thyra
* safwa
* faiz
* if u bored, pls do dis tag. lol


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chapter #2 : its raining.
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27 yrs old
haha. u old! lol

no gift fr u. im broke. lol

oh dear, its 3.34pm now.
maybe i shud go study now.
or take my bath. eeee. how to bath when ppl keep coming to my house? zz
izzit my fault fr wake up so late? hahaha.

or or fix my stupid connection. zz
im tired relog. dc like shyt.
so i no mood to play game now.

oh, dis year the worse raya ever. zz
i only gt 30bucks fr duit raya. lol.
yeah. im gettin old. i know. shut up! haha

tira, im so sry cant accompany u to melaka.
u know my mom. zz. get back here A.S.A.P
im bored! T.T

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chapter #1 : life goes on
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HELLO! i'm soooo back now! haha.
i didnt blog like errr.. so long long time. lol.
i was super duper busy! im kinda busy now too but still got time to blogging (:
great news rite. lol

so yeah, SPM is coming soon. 40 days to go. ughh.
and i oso cant stop game-ing now. audi so make me crazy! lol.

oh btw, dis is my NEW blog ppl (:
the old one, lame already. haha
so yeah, PLEASE DO RELINK. thank you (:


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