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chapter 104 : Most of it about kiss -_-
Nov 30, 2009 | comment | 0 comment(s)

N: Awesome kisser
O: Best kisser EVER.
R: Loves to kiss

F: People love you
A: Best Girlfriend/Boyfriend
R: Loves to kiss
A: Best Girlfriend/Boyfriend
H: Have a very good personality and good looks
I : Hard to get
N: Awesome kisser
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chapter 103 : I spend my time just thinkin bout you.
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it's my only wish

be my prince?

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chapter 102 : It's getting weird.
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Stay With Me
Don't Let Me Go
Cause I Can't Be Without You
Just Stay With Me
And Hold Me Close
Because I've Built My World Around You
And I Don't Wanna Know What's It Like Without You
So Stay with Me
Just Stay With Me

This is how i feel right now and it getting deeper. day by day, i missing him. i dont know what is into me. he's like a drug to me and im addicted. sigh.
he's funny. he knows how to make me smile. and i love the way he treat me. plus he's sweet like a candy. haha. and caring too :)

i dont know how and when. just that i really cant stop thinking bout him. everything dat i do, reminds me of him. and sometimes i will smile? people may think dat im crazy -_-
he like already stuck in my head and i just cant stop. duh. dis is hard.

we play-ing, text-ing, call-ing, blog-ing, msn-ing everday. and im getting used to stick with him and 1 day when he's not around, the feeling is KILLING me! it hurts alot. i feel like crying when he have to go off.

the days with him, im happy. i never felt like this before. he turn my world so bright and he always figure out to cheer me up when im down. he always be there for me. im so thankful cause i met him. im scared if he gotta leave. leave from me. i cant imagine the days without him. sigh.

my heart says, just call him and say u miss him. but my mind say no. im blur with myself. i dunno which one should i do. my heart is missing him but im scared if he doesnt feel the same way too. im a girl and yeh im a shy person. i dun wanna be perigi mencari timba? -_-
till now i feel shy whenever i call him but i miss his voice? i wanna text him to say hello but i shy. damn it! i really hate this feeling!

why must i feel this way? WHY YOU GIVE ME THIS FEELING? it hurt me so badly :(
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chapter #101 : and it's time for me to move on
Nov 11, 2009 | comment | 0 comment(s)

my life is messed up.
and currently im living in my own world.
there is no one in my world. only me. just me =p

so yeah. im working. and still working in the same place.
nothing much different.
i really miss my old friends :(
Amilia, puvana, fana, leya. i miss you, guys. BADLY, okay? :(

my love life so screw up. and my life so miserable. and what else?
hurm.. everything so ****-up :)
dat is d conclusion to my life :D
oh by the way, i think im comfortable with myself now.
im getting used to have a miserable life and screw lovelife. LOL !

i think my own world is cool.
happiness. u give me the happines.
yes, YOU.
you know who you are (:

i have the same problem with amilia. yes babe.
i know how u feel cause im facing it now (:
well, lets hope this thing will over.
okay, i hope i can blogging again cause lately im kinda busy.
so no time for blogging.

idk what to do with my life. and currently im being a lalang.
just go with the flow. haha. actually i aim-ing one thing.
hope i can get it xD
amin ~


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