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chapter 193 : Whatever day
Feb 14, 2010 | comment | 4 comment(s)

I think I should lose some weight. Hmm. A few weeks ago, I text-ed dad and ask him to buy me a cadbury chocolate, the plain one. Yes! Plain! I dun like it mix wit hazel nuts, fruits or whatever. The plain one is nicer. Lols. After a few weeks beli, barulah I nak makan chocolate tu? LOL. Its been years I didnt buy cadbury. Seriously. And now im kinda stress, so I started to eat all the sweet sweet thingy like cadbury chocolates, cakes and ice-creams. Wow, its not good tho. Really. I think I should stop take them from now on?

Aww. I love the cover! So cutee. The cover is for Valentine's day and I didnt buang the cover. I keep it. Hahaha. Quite cute. Oh, before its too late. I wanna wish ;;
Happy Valentine's day!
Happy Chinese New Year!
Uhm. I know, its kinda late. I should put "belated" but who cares? Haha. This post was in my draft but I really dun have much time to post it. Kinda busy. Yeh rite busy -_- as I said, I have no mood, people! LOL! So, its valentine's day? Like I said before, I had my V day alone. Lols. Oh, this afternoon, I went to one of my relative's wedding but I didnt see Tyra? I only saw his brother? But she told me, she saw me? She only saw my car! WTF? Hahaha. And she complain the daging is too oily blablablabla. Byk cekadak la. Ko kahwin nnt, aku complain. Hahaha.

So, I went back home around 2.30pm kot? Cant remember. And I had audi with Lil and Tyra till 5pm. Oh, before that. I called Ariff and he just act like normal? Like nothing happen? -_- If I tau jadi camni, I should use your money beli McD aritu? -_- I didnt ask anything. I never ask, "I think we should go out kan today?" Never! Cause I wanna know whether he still remembered what he said or not and yes. He mmg x ingat and that's make me sakit hati sal McD. Humph! -_-

After 5, I pei my sis to Jusco Kepong. Danish and Leesya joined us too. Went to Jusco for what eh? I also cant remember! Hahaha! Ohh yeah. Sis looking for sun shade. Yes yes. After she bought it, we went to Jusco and looking for a drink bottle for her boyfie. Alahai. Botol air pun ko nak belikan. Gedik. Haha. Okay, maybe that is sweet but ..... Humph. First first couple mmg cmni kan? Haha. After that, off to Jalan Kuching and we had dinner kat sana.

I watched Raja Lawak and x lawak langsung. LOL! I had audi kinda early maybe around 10 something kot? Btw, this is the screenshort for petang tadi.
This is a screenshot for Valentine's day yang x jadi. Hahaha. The move x jadi. I mean. the move jadi but the time xjadi! Haha. Maybe I ss quite late kot? And orang tu punya ss button tertanggal. LOL! Tyra pn sama. Her "enter" key pn tertanggal jugak. LOL. Ganas tul korang ni. I scared, my space bar plak tertanggal nnt. Nak press use "Ctrl" mmg x best la.

And again, im planning to update after I finished audi but I didnt update. All the post save in draft. Hahaha.
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