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chapter 194 : The nonsense
Feb 15, 2010 | comment | 6 comment(s)

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Last night, I had msn with Lil and Tyra muncul after 3am? Wtf? Hahaha. Baru bangun tidur katanya. Nak kata sembahyang subuh, lmbt lg kot? Hahaha. I think Ariff muncul afta 5? LOL! Semua night owl. Hahas.

Since I got nothing to do, I google my address. HAHAHA. Click it people. And I found my area, so at the picture, you guys can see I color-ed my house with green apple color. Yeah. That is my house. Umah Tyra, sblh je. LOL. And to Shuko, aku still x try screen grab apa tah yg kita cite aritu an? Haha. Maybe later.

Well, nothing much today. I woke up kinda early at 12pm. LOL! It is early for me. Lols. Oh yeh, one more thing, remember my last post? I sleep early around 2.30am? The nex morning I woke up around 10AM! YES! AM! 10AM IN THE MORNING! HAH! Hahaha. Bangga okay? Lol. So, today I help my sis to clean up her room. After that, lipat kain. Wahhh. Ayu nye. Hahaha. Lol -_- And then I jahit her teddy bear cause that teddy nye hand almost putus dah and cacat already. LOL. Yes, Farah reti jahit and my sis said "Comelnya Ayin jahit!". Heh. Of course la. Owner dia pn comel? Hahaha.

Im not really okay. The virus is attack-ing me. Flu virus. The red one. So, I take medicine and the medicine kick the virus away. So, Farah is okay and abit sleepy cause of the medicine effect. Tyra text-ed me and as usual la dia nye question "x online ke?" LOL. So, I had audi with her today and congratulations to her. She won at the third place in Arena. Nice one. Thanks to me yang non-stop shake shake pompom? Hahaha.
I lose at the second round cause my sis KACAU me! Eh, why we tokin sal audi here? Hahaha.
Around 3, I pm-ed Tyra and she give me this and I go WTF? HAHA! After that, she give me this. Faint! Ko horny ke apa? Hahaha.

Around 9, I teach my sister how to make cupcakes. Heee. She want me to teach her. Nice. Jadi sifu hari ni. Haha. Today, abit diff cause I make chocolate flavour and yumm yumm. Sedap. Hehe. Aww. I didnt take any photos. I will upload them in the next chapter. The decoration abit simple cause we make only for fun? Hahas. And dad told me to sell cupcakes? Alahai. Bukan I dun wan to. Just that, im nt pro enough kot? Amateur lagi. Hahas.
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