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chapter 190 : Screw valentine's day!
Feb 12, 2010 | comment | 6 comment(s)

My fcuking life =_=

Oh, its friday baby! And valentine is coming! Weee =/ Hahaha. Who wanna ask me for a date on this sunday? Raise your hand. Heee. Anyone wanna give a try? Aww. Come on! Be gentle, people. Dun be shy. Farah wont bite you. Hahaha. Gosh. Gedik -_-

Im really tired. Seriously, im exhausted! I didnt get enough sleep today even I woke up around 3pm? Sigh. Seriously. I slept at 7am in the morning. Around 9 something I received a phone call from Menara Star and guess what baby? Im gonna start working on the 1st March. Whooo Hooo. Clap clap clap. Congratulations Farah. Nanti I belanja you makan, alright? Heee. Okay, while talking im pretending to have a nice and fresh voice so that she didnt realize yang I still sleeping kan? Hahaha. After that, I poof again.

Around 11 something, I got text from Hotlink. Damn it la! I benci bila Hotlink yang bagi msg =/ I nak orang lain. Hahaha. So, I sleep again. Around 12pm. My alarm -_- Fk la. Idk who the heck yang gi on kan alarm tu? But I think it was me? =/ Planning nak wake up early? X nak jodoh lari? Hahaha. So, I sleep again. Then, Ariff drop by at my house. Gahhh! Berzaman la aku nak tido kan? Gosh. Tido arini sungguh terganggu x.x And that's it! Around 3pm, I decided to bathe.

Sis called me and ask to pei her tonight cause her friend, sooo called abang fadzli? LOL. Yeh rite. Abang? Ewww. Gay -_- Yeah, she wanna go to Fadzli house tonight at Rawang semata-mata nak hantar sabun. Faint. Okay, no problem. Its fine with me since I got nothing to do kan? Oh btw, for married people kan. If baru kahwin, hadiah apa nak bagi? Any ideas anyone? Please drop me some comment. Thanks. So, back to the story. Beside that, I had audi and I did solo tag but oni for awhile cause its so damn lag in audi. Idk its me or the server yang lag? Sigh. I stop audi around 7pm and I watched tv till I fall asleep. Hahaha.

Sis woke me up around 8pm. And I get ready to go to Rawang. Gahh. Sure tidur dalam keta ni. Ngantuk gila. Faint. Reach Rawang around 10.30pm. Then off to Fadzli house. So, tengok-tengok album kahwin dia. Quite nice but still I dun like ur wife's attitude. Right sis? Opps? Sorry. Its a fact, baby. I think you know what I mean if you're read this but I dun think you read my blog and I guess you dont even know that I have a blog? LOL!

Reach KL around 12am and yes I had audi for 2 or 3 rounds with Paan and Erfan which oni for 2 or 3 moves? Haha. LOL. Gila bosan. I try to update but I really dunno what to write. So, I think thats all for today kot? Yeah. Nothing much la. My life is gay. Xda benda yang interesting pun. Hahas.

Hmmphh =/
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