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chapter 192 : Oh, sister!
Feb 13, 2010 | comment | 7 comment(s)

Hello, how are you? (:
Hahaha. The truth is in real life I do wear glasses =p but not always cause I hate to wear it. Lols. So, im back again, people? Hahaha. Macam biscuit plak. Kejap ada kejap xda. Lol. Im really sorry. Lately I've no mood to blogging. Aww. Sobs. I dunno why. Maybe I run out of idea? =(

Oh, tomorrow is valentine's day =/

Saturday. I went to Midvalley with my sister. Uhm, its been long time I didnt went to Midvalley. So far nothing is change only they do have Chinese New Year's decoration at the Center Court? But I didnt take any photos cause the decoration not really nice. Hahaha. Oops. Lol. We off to Midvalley around 3pm. I woke up at 1pm and I need 2 hours to get ready. Haha. Biasalah girls. Kan kan? Lols.

I watched "Warung Kita" at Prima channel yesterday and they had nasi ayam for their lunch. Aww. Yummy yummy. Dah lama jugak x makan nasi ayam =( So, I called my sister and I told her I wanna eat nasi ayam. The place is located at Keramat which abit far from my place. Plus, I dont even know where it is? Lol. Since we dunno where issit, we had our nasi ayam at the Chicken Rice Shop. Hahaha. Sama jugak kan? Nasi ayam jugak. LOL. Well, I heard from the others, The Chicken Rice Shop is non-Halal. Issit? o.o I never know that? I dunno la. People yang cakap but I nampak je tanda Halal tu? Lol.

Heee. Yummy yummy. Finally I had nasi ayam setelah sekian lama? LOL. Actually, we went to Midvalley cause Fadzli's wedding is on this sunday (Valentine's day). So, sister plan nak beli gift fr Fadzli wedding la. And guess what? We bought cutlery set fr him. Hahaha. That is so lame? -_- Its cheap wey! Hahaha. And and sis bought dis one thing for her boyfriend sempena Vtine's day. Heh. Cant describe la what thing. But, when you ketuk that thing an, 1 sound will come out and it says "Muacks! I love you!" LOL! So cuteee! xD
We on the way back home and this two pictures, I took it around 7-ish and guess what? X nampak langsung nak gelap kan? Cerah je. LOL. Lately, panas la. I wonder why? Sometimes I cant feel the aircond inside my room. So, I have to turn on the aircond and the fan too! =x

So, I reach home around 8 something and terus POOF! Super duper tired. Haha. I didnt get enough sleep nowadays. The kids are here. So yeh. They always "Maksu, maksu. Bangun la. Bangun la Maksu". Wtf? -_- I woke up around 11pm and I went to desktop. Planning nak update blog but maybe i still in sleepy mode, so yeah. I really have no idea what to write =x

Went to audi for 1 game then I off. Went to audi AGAIN and I bought fam channel for 6 hours and guess what? I didnt do any tag. Hahaha. Planning to do solo tag but cannot find tagger. So yeah. I sleep kinda early? Around 2.30am =p
Its a new record for me. I online and I had 1 game. Choreo mode plak tu. Haha. And I sleep early. Nice nice. Lols.
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