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chapter 191 : Stalking can be a really tiring thing
Feb 12, 2010 | comment | 9 comment(s)

To those who non stop spamming at my cbox, keep reading my blog and here I give you a paper bird with heart on it. HAHAHA.

Actually the post title is for Paan. LOL! But, to all bloggers. Please gimme some time to reply all your Hello, Blogwalking, Nuff zz and other stuff. Currently, my connection is abit slow. Damnit. Feel like I wanna throw it away but wait. Cannot be. Cannot Cannot. Haha.

I will reply all your comment as soon as possible but hey, I do have a life too. Hahas. My cbox already turn 2 or 3 pages that I have to reply. Sigh. Tak boleh tangguh lagi dah =(
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