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chapter 188 : Cupcake part II
Feb 10, 2010 | comment | 3 comment(s)

"You should never listen to a woman who just had her heart broken."

- Desperate Housewives

But thank you, followers. No matter what im going through, you guy are always here. Thanks alot. I luff lufff luffffff all of you

Oh hello people (:
IM BACK! Weeee.

Im sorry I didnt update this 2 days. Ive been busy. Wahh. REALLY busy man. Hahaha. Actually, the day before yesterday, I made cupcakes for me.

click for larger image, people (:
This time, 2 cupcake hangus. HAHAHA! X perasan la. Penat gila okay? :'((

I got nothing to update actually. Hahas. Lately no mood for blogging. I dunno why. But thinking of nuffnang, maybe I should blogging back. If not, waste je kan? Hmmph.. Nothing much la for now (:

See ya in the next chapter (:

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