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chapter 185 : Dear, GengBlogger
Feb 8, 2010 | comment | 16 comment(s)

Click for larger image, people (:

Errkk. A few minutes ago I just finished update my blog. So, as usual i will go to GB website to ping my blog. Oh for your information. Sorry. Im noob in this. So I just joined Innit. Hahaha. So, I ping my blog dekat innit juga tadi. Heee. Okay, then just now GB website cannot open. I dunno why. Maybe some technical probs? But its fine with me. I understand.

A few minutes later.. GB can open la. So, like always like I did, terus ping my blog. So, while im looking at other post kan. Tetiba TERnampak and I go like EH? O.O Bukan ke tu profile aku? LOL! Hell yeah people! As you can see in the image ;; Profail POPULAR hari ini. Hah amek! Farahlycious turut tersenarai! Hahaha. Woots woots. Clap clap clap xD

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank GengBlogger for give me award ;;"Popular Profile of The Day". HAHAHAHA"

Bukan nak riak. Just x sangka. Tu je. LOL. Thanks again. Heee. Popular ke? LOL. Thats the thing. Popular ka? Haha.
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