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chapter 186 : You don't need me.
Feb 9, 2010 | comment | 6 comment(s)

Sometimes I miss being in relationships.
because I miss the times loving someone,

because I miss the times pinching someone,

because I miss the times kissing someone,

because I miss the times resting my head on someone’s shoulder,

because I miss those moments.

actually, I cared that I have to celebrate valentine’s day alone this year.

I really care =/
It kills me to know you're online but isn't talking to me. I guess it just takes time to realize I don't mean anything to you anymore... or maybe never really did. Sigh.
Goshh. I dun even have any mood to do anything! I keep stare at the screen for NOTHING! This is gayyyyyyy. So gayy. A few hours ago. I feel so happy but why you take it away? You're jealous don't you?!

I need someone.

My formspring is lonely. Sigh. Cheer us up? formspring

Just now Paan ask me, "valentine keluar dgn siapa weh?"


I hate that question! Dont ask me who or what or where! I have to celebrate my valentine's day alone :'((
That question abit sensitive. LOL. Haiz.

I get so sick of everyone disappointing me. I guess it's my fault for thinking so highly of people. Because in the end, no one seems to live up to my expectations.

Im so not okay.

Can I ask you one thing?
I sometimes wonder if I leave you right now... would you grab me, or would you just let me walk away?

Answer me.
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