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chapter 184 : To be honest, I'm running out of reasons to smile.
Feb 8, 2010 | comment | 0 comment(s)

I feel like I'm always the one starting arguments. I'm sorry I'm such a complicated person :'((
& I’M SO SORRY that I’m such a bitch but I just can’t help it.

Oh my. This is sad. Really make me go :'((

Currently im listening to Hero by Enrique Iglesias. Im listening to it like a thousand times. Sigh. Gahh. I have no mood for now. Im so down. Im on the verge of breaking down. The strength that I have to hold myself together is slowly fading away. I just need somebody, somebody to lean on. I feel so alone and I hate it. Save me, please.

I slept at 9.30am which this morning. Sigh. Im super duper tired right now. I dun even have any energy. Plus im sooo not in the mood. I called Menara Star today and congratulations to Farah cause she get hired. Clap clap clap. After that, around 9.30am I went to bed and woke up 12pm. I heard the alarm and I keep snooze it. Snooze it like a few times. When it reach to 1pm, fine. I give up. I really have to wake up cause im going to Menara Star to take my letter offer and do some medical check-up.

I went with my sister. She pei me today. I left home around 2.20pm and I reach there at 3 kot? Think so cause its kinda hard to get parking over there. After take the letter offer, I straight went to Klinik Kim & Nasir just down there nearby the Menara Star. I think that is one of their klinik panel kot? So I did the medical check-up. Everything is going well. No high blood pressure etc. LOL. 3.30pm I straight went to Daya Sinar X-Ray at PJ. I also need to do a x-ray. So everything done at 4pm and now I just have to wait Menara Star to call me back again to confirm when im going to start.

I reach home at 4.30pm and poof. Terus tido. Seriously, I cannot tahan. Im so tired. Sigh. Then I woke up just now at 9.45pm. Ngantuk dowh. Haha. So, nothing much la. Mum already bought bahan-bahan for cupcakes for me. Tomorrow MAYBE im gonna make cupcakes or MAYBE a cake. I dunno. See first la but im planning to do some cupcakes. And tomorrow also im going to Seri Pacific Hotel to give them my resign letter. Lols. I only work there like a few days? Haha. Btw, thanks Uncle Raziff for find me a job. I really appriciate it.

This morning my family and I had a lil discussion. I ask my dad to follow up with his friend regarding bout my application to UiTM on this June. After that, we talked bout hotel industry and office liner. Sigh. Dad prefer me to work in hotel industry cause Uncle Razif will help to promote me if I work like 1 year? And at the same time, I wanna further my study. Doing diploma is going to take like 3 years. 3 years in study = 0 exprience in work. If I work like 1 year, I dah boleh naik pangkat? Maybe can be a supervisor or anything? Sigh. Benda ni sume make me so confused la.

Haiz. I dunno la. No mood to think bout anything for now :'((
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