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chapter 183 : Do you think you know me?
Feb 8, 2010 | comment | 3 comment(s)


This is a LONGGGGG post!
Dont bother to read it if you dont want to!
You can press Alt + F4
If you wanna stay, just stay and I hope you enjoy with the post (:
Dont tell me I didnt warn you :P

I take this quiz like a couple of hours ago. This quiz is really great cause ALL of the answer represent the real ME. Lol. After 1 question, im going to the next question. After that, next next and next. Hahaha. I never had enough. Its fun. I love quiz. Hee (:

I wanna share the result with my loved ones here and also for the readers. Hahaha. Okay, here is the result (:

The Real Me :
  1. You've got great self-confidence and you're full of charm. Most guys who get to know you will be attracted to you. You are far from sweet and proper; your intriguing personality fascinates them. Most guys find it easy to fall for a girl like you.
  2. You really care about other people's feelings and are quite serious about the issues that affect your life. You are sincere, and your concern for the well-being of others makes many people want to be your friend.
  3. You strictly follow rules, and you expect other people to be the same as well. People can get tired of you easily, as you can make them feel a little guilty about themselves. You always make decisions on your own, and can be dismissive of other people's advice. You like to be the leader in groups, but can forget to be concerned about the people you are with.
  4. Your peers think of you as a fun person, but sometimes you can be a little irresponsible. You can be somewhat childish, and can try to ignore the fact that you will one day need to really grow up and be a mature adult! Perhaps you could start reading good books; they might help you look at the world in a different light. You do want to be taken seriously, right?
  5. Your boyfriend believes that you are a strong and independent person. Your confidence and cheerfulness make you an attractive person to be around, but sometimes you need to pay more attention to what other people, including your boyfriend, are thinking.
What's my personality love style :
You desire a love that will last forever. You are quite serious about finding this type of love, and that's why you think carefully about the men that you meet before deciding whether you could really love them. You don't just develop a crush on someone overnight: you look at a person's personality and other aspects of their life before deciding to form an attachment. If a guy doesn't meet your expectations, you would rather be alone. Your love has to be perfect. Be careful though, you could be missing out on some worthy relationships because your standards are so high.

What is my personality style :

Bright and Cheerful

You are always cheerful and charming. You never get too serious with people when they're around, but when you are alone, you think carefully about what they have said. That's because you don't want anyone to see you being too somber. Your personality means you have a lot of friends and you are often the center of attention. Many people who fall into this category become artists and movie stars, perhaps fame could be yours in the future as well.

My love and my sweetheart :
This man is a sporty type. He has a strong heart and easily comes to terms with the truth. He likes sport and physical challenges, and quickly gets bored with routine. As for women, he gets bored if they are too formal and proper. You need to be enthusiastic and ready to be spontaneous as the occasion requires it. He enjoys activities such as bush walking or rock climbing, so to keep the relationship running smoothly you should give them a go.

Is he the one for me? :
Success Rate In Relationships: 61%

Things could turn out either way.

You are a little too confident. You assume that he acts the way he does because he's interested in you. Don't forget, however, that he's the type of guy who is interested in a lot of things--and a lot of people. He's a very popular person, so it doesn't mean he cares particularly for you when he shows that he's worried because you're not well, or because he has called you at home once or twice. Nonetheless, you should not abandon all your hopes! It could be that he really does like you, and the way he acts indicates these feelings. You need to carefully observe his behavior, and how he reacts to you. And you should show him more clearly how you feel. If he reacts to you as usual after he knows you're keen, then don't worry, he's coming your way.
(Oh dear. They're right. Maybe im too confident. Gosh. I should act like normal tho. Lol)

Is he the real one? :
He is a good friend. He's sitting in your heart as a best friend. You get along very well. But if you are looking for something more than that, there's a long way to go.
(Awww. Long way to go? Sabar Farah. Sabar. Hahaha)

A present for my boyfriend :
You are interested in the opposite sex. Though you have already got a guy you like, you still date with other guys. Is that right?
(This analysis really make me LOL-ed! HAHAHAHA)

Jealousy test :
Jealousy Level: 65%

You are a jealous person but you try not to let it show

You often get very jealous of others but you are successful at controlling your emotions publicly. When you feel that other people are winning things that you deserve, you get very upset, but you won't hurt anybody else by making a scene. Your jealousy is private. You might, for example, cry yourself to sleep at night when you get really jealous of someone.

Am I a cinderella? :
How you control your husband, who will lead the family and who will be led?
You will never expect to control your boyfriend or husband. Your boyfriend and you will take turns to make decision and the decision is often acceptable to both of you. Whatever you want to let him know, you can just tell him straightforwardly. This is a good relationship, a pretty modern one.

My marriage :
How will you choose your Mr Right?
You will make the most of being able to shop around for Mr Right. You love your freedom and will have a lot of fun learning about what sort of man you like. When you do find the guy for you, nobody will be able to keep you away from the church.

Who will be your future Mr Right?
Your real-life hero will be manly. He'll be dependable, even financially. He will protect you and always respect your feelings. He'll probably be quite a bit older than you.

When will you get married?
You will be very determined and thorough in choosing a spouse. You'll study every detail about your man before saying yes to a life of love. You will eventually make a good choice, but you'd better be sure that he's willing to wait that long.

What sort of wife will you be?
If your hubby is crazy enough to ask you to do silly things, you may as well have fun with him. You'll make a fun-loving wife.

Will you and your husband have a good time together?
You and your spouse will choose to spend time on more romantic activities. You won't end up quite as healthy, but you'll have plenty of fun going out for drinks, watching concerts or playing cards at home with other friends.

How loyal are you?
You get along very well with most guys. Sometimes your friendliness misleads others to think that you're a bit of a flirt, but actually you've got a loyal heart. You'll never have eyes for anyone except your beloved husband.
(Woo woo. im agree on this part. Hahaha)

How deep is my love? :
Depth: 63%

You have him in a corner of your heart. Don't lie to yourself; he's your special guy. Take good care of your heart. You still have a long way to go. Always remember that love has two edges. Being apart for a while might be a good chance to proof his love to you.
(Heh. Maybe I should go and take a break for one day or maybe a week and we'll see. Is he gonna find me?)

The third eye :
You are scared of being cheated on by others and don't want to be disappointed. That's why you seem to be contented with unrequited love.
(OMG! This is sooooo fuckin TRUE! Hahaha)

How do I choose my soulmate? :
1. Love
2. Education
3. Money
4. Appearance

Most of the quiz that I took is 98% is correct! Hahaha. So, do you still want me, honey? Think it twice. Like I said before there is nothing to lose. Im worth it for you, darling
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