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chapter 182 : A good day
Feb 7, 2010 | comment | 0 comment(s)

Hello new followers! :D
To all my old & new followers, thanks for all the likes & reblogs. I loovelooovelooooove all of youuu
I should post it like yesterday but I really have no time for it. So I decided to post it today. Heee. This morning, I woke up at 6am. Sigh. Macam nak gi sekolah pulak bangun awal-awal kan? Haha. I had bathe etc so I walk out from my room and suddenly mum said "Hii (sambil senyum lebar)" Im like HUH? Buang tebiat ke apa orang tua ni? LOL!

Im not really closed with my mum or dad. Yes, im nt closed with my parent. Get it? (: And its kinda strange for me. We never practic on Hi, Hello, Morning in our family. Except with the siblings. Then I replied, "Oh, morning". Soo.. I think it a good started of the day? Haha. I left home with a smiling face. Aww. Feels happy kot? Heee xD

Oh oh, before that. Mum told me she do a business. Im like heh? Pe jadah plak ni? LOL. First thing, she smiled and say Hi to me. Second, she doin a business? Am I dreaming? LOL. Its weird. Like really weird. LOL. Yes, its weird for me. You wont understand how I feel right now. Haha. So, she show me the box and blablabla.. Yada yada.. Inside my head, boleh laku ke ni? LOL. I reach home kinda early around 5.30pm. Dad picked me up. He bring Danish, Mika and Damia together. Oh hello kids. LOL.

After that, when I reach home I found that habis dorg jual dah benda alah tu. LOL! Wow, that is so cool. Haha. Nice nice. I wonder where my mum get that thingy. Oh, it came from my auntie! Im still planning to sell the prepaid but I dunno where and which website I can get it. I scared benda ni sume tipu. LOL. Never try never know aite? But.. Sigh. Nanti la.
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