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chapter 272 : Who? Me? Oh. Hi !
Aug 24, 2010 | comment | 1 comment(s)

I should post this like one or two or three months ago I guess? But whatever. This is my blog so who cares?

"You take my Nashriq.. ! ;("

Okay, I found this in my inbox. She sent this like 3 months ago? and I was like, wow? Really make me go WOW! Hahaha. 3 months agoo. Hmm. Okay. 3 months ago ek? Oh, okay. Haha. I wonder who sent this. LOL. But bak kata Kamil, "You tak payah nak kusut-kusut". But whatever.

To this girl/boy ;

Seriously, I never take your boy. He used to be mine but not anymore. By the way, he is not worth it. At all. Trust me (:

KARMA is soo gonna chase you down, sweetheart :D
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