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chapter 263 : Lost.
May 18, 2010 | comment | 1 comment(s)

"You deserve to be with somebody who makes you happy, somebody who doesn't complicate your life, and somebody who won't hurt you" - A friend.

Okay, seriously. Im abit confused here. Like WTF WTF WTF. At first I was like "Huh? Okay" then I changed to "HUH?! WHAT THE FCUK?". OMG. Okay, whatever. Maybe im being to negative here. Okay, whatever. Oh so whatever. But. Urghhh! Im stress! I've got so many question to ask like what the heck? Sigh. Where are you, by? :(
Zureen was here. She cool me down. And the tears rolled down like what the fcuk? This is gay. Totally gay! I might be paranoid. But wait. No. Im not. It is just.. I dont know. Im confused and so fcuking blur right now. Seriously, I dont know who can be trusted? I cannot trust even my own friend kot? How lame is that? -.-
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