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chapter 252 : Hello, Miss me?
May 5, 2010 | comment | 0 comment(s)

Uhm. Hi. Hello. LOLs. Uhm. Kinda weird here. It's kinda long I didnt touch my blog kot? LOLs. Uhm. Mood nak update blog tu ada but idk la. Everytime I nak update je, there must be something yg ganggu. So it kinda spoil my mood to update. Hmm. Hahas (:

Well, I had fun. Seriously, I miss my high school's friends. I really miss you guys. Bila nak hangout wey? Haha. Oh that day, I lepak with Wida. OMG! OMG! I miss youuu okay? HAHA. I met her at TimeSquare. Firstly, I just wanna pei her and lastly we end up shopping kot? LMAO. I had fun. Really, I miss my friends. Ariff joined us too. So yeah. Best la jugak. Ariff went missing like WTF? Faint. Gedik okay? Haha. So, the next day, I should meet her at BB. Megat gonna join us but then, I cancel it cause "something" happened (:

So.. So.. I met Nashriq. He's nice and we oni slack for a few hours. We talked. Of course la kan? Haha. Uhm. What else? Oh, me and my sis went to museum. Haha. Gila nerdy? Ada pameran keranda so we went la. Seriously, x scary langsung. Haha. I will upload the pictures later. But it's good la cause you will know zaman dulu-dulu dia buat keranda macam mana blablabla. So, you guys dah pergi? Pergilah. 2bucks je kot per entry? Haha.

Kerja? Hmm. So far so good. Pergaulan pun makin okay kot? Better than before la. If dulu malu-malu kan? Haha. But one thing yang x best, uhm.. I just joined The Star. So, it's been 2 months and this month gonna be my 3rd months. And the confirmation just around the corner. Last appraisal pun so far okay. I oni have 2 appraisal. Cool x? Haha. But the thing is I feel so unfair la. Like come on la. I baru keje kot? So what do you expect from a new comer kan? Plus this is my first time in office line kot? They expect more from me. Yeah. I know I am giving my best now but xkan semua keje I nak buat kot? Haha. They said I have the potential. Okay, thanks. But still, banyak lagi benda kot I kena belajar? And I need time kot? Sigh. Okay enough dengan luahan perasaan tu. LOL!

Next month, Im going to seminar, 26th June kot? Not so sure. Well, I hope it will be fun la. Tapi tatau la cause dulu diorang cakap memang best? Cam worth it la (Y) But see how la. Oh yesterday went to TTDI and I had ikan bakar for lunch. Yummy yummy. Thanks to abang Zabidi. But still, semua orang bayar sendiri. Haha. I tot he belanja dowh =_="
and one more thing, that pervert dah x kacau I lagi. Nice. Hee. So now I boleh buat keje dengan selesanya. Haha. Boys memang pervert kot -_-

And OMG! On this sunday, Roslina nye wedding. Haha. OMG! OMG! Terkejut kot? LOL. Btw, gratz la. Im happy for her. Kawan kahwin kan. Hee. Oh yeah, a few days ago I went to Amilia's place. Gila bosan so I decided to lepak with her. We talked bout relationships, love and facts. Haha. And I found "something". LOL! Every morning ada je cerita nak story dekat Alia tau. Haha. I close dengan dia kot and Shasha (:

Nowadays, I less audi. Oh. I dont wanna talk bout audi. So the topic is close ya? AND AND, my birthday is ON THE WAY, 13th May! Haha. So excited. LOL! So far, xda plan pape pun on that day. Amilia give me an idea, lepak dekat solaris den yeah, celebrate kat sana and ajak friends blablabla. But I dunno la. Sigh.

I just realise that my life is getting better. I laugh alot and yeah, I feel better kot? HAHA. Seriously, bila I fikir balik, now getting better and I try slowly to move on and Im HAPPY. LOL. Im happy with the people arounds me. They cheer me up and ntahla. Maybe I get used to be sad and I forgot how it feels like to be happy. Haha. Thanks all <3
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