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chapter 251 : Oh oh, here it is!
Apr 24, 2010 | comment | 1 comment(s)

Audition Friendship Competition

The audition battle of Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore

Dear Clubbers,

Audition Friendship Competition was held on 10th April 2010, it was a friendly contest with the talented participants from 3 countries, Thailand, Malaysia, and Singapore.

The competition was held at Potion 77, Soi Ramkamhaeng 43/1, consisting the skillful contestants of Mick - Pongpob Rattanasaengchot, Fluke - Sornkrai Thanavibulchai, and Jay - Wasin Kitisornweerapan from Thailand; Chris Lee Soon Vui, Nor farahin idris, and Isaac Tan from Malaysia; Ng Zhi Qiang, Marcus Ong, and Alvin Lau shi Jie from Singapore.

AuditionSEA server was used for Team competition in which the modes were Crazy Choreography 8, Crazy Dynamic 8 and Special B-Boy 8 with Random Fast music. The winner of this international contest was Singapore and the runner up was Malaysia. - AuditionSEA's website.

Okay, at first I was like. OH-MY-GOD! Tak da nak penuh lagi ke nama tu? HAHA. Like they put my real name kot? LOL. Still remember my previous post? I got joined Audi Online Frenship Battle? This is it. We got second place and wait. I feel.. I feel like.. Bangga kejap boleh? Haha (Y)
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