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chapter 250 : Trying to build up again.
Apr 24, 2010 | comment | 0 comment(s)

Congratulations to Freeya. She pass her level 39 and level 40 license.
Jiayous Jiayous to MASTER!
Maybe I keep being emo all the time so I forgot how it feels like to be happy and yes today I am happy. Haha. The feeling.. Hmm.. It's a good feeling and a bit different but I like it. Haha. So.. Lets see. Last post updated was on 21st April? WTF? Haha. Okay, I'm so lazy ass to update my blog cause I've been busy tagging and really I run out of ideas.

Oh oh, what's wrong with the crying face? It's cause audi is so SIAN! Haha. Yeah, I admit it I'm deproved. I can't chain oh wait. I can chain but the thing is my hand is really slow like so fcuking slow man. LOLOL. And I'm getting hate audi for some reason. I just sit and wonder when it's gonna be my turn to get the feeling like other people. What feeling? Nahh. I don't wanna talk about it cause I know I will get emo after that. Haha. If you know, good then. Lucky you. Haha.

Oh MASTER world, here I come. Haha. Goodbye, pro. I'm going to be a master soon. So, I don't need you anymore. I will run away from you cause I'm really bored and sick with you and I found master is more attractive. Haha. LOLOL. Lmao. People do change. When you get one then you will craving for more. So do I! I thought, oh level 39. So it should be okay la. Then I never bother but I changed my mind. I aim-ing for master now! See. You see. People. Greedy kan? Haha.

Now it's really rare for me to go arena. I went for arena last saturday I guess? Or maybe last friday. I also not so sure. Oh btw, some info for dearest members. I did post something at our bulletin board and the content is about fam is closing at the moment. Yeah, I decided to closed fam at this moment. What I mean is no tagging fam points or anything for now. Till when? Till further notice. Haha. No la, till everything is okay and when I get back my skills then the fam will be open again.

Since "something happened", I really rare to open my audi. Got one day, I decided not to patch audi but I failed. Yes, I failed. I broke my promise. I told myself not to open audi till everything is get done but piak! piak! Farah is so stubborn kan? I patch-ed it. Oopsy? Accidentally kot? Haha. Before that, I gotta a feeling to uninstall audi cause sian la. Im so broken up kot? I mean, I am sooo not okay la. Everything was like damn! It hurts, man. But I never do it. I just ignore it. Now I'm trying to get back and yeah I need some time and space for me to build up again.
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