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chapter 246 : I'm sitting there and I laugh-ed
Apr 17, 2010 | comment | 0 comment(s)

For the first time in my life, I slack at Dataran Merdeka. What the fish? LOL! Dataran Merdeka? Oh sooo not me. LOL. Because of this girl. Yeah, the girl on the left ni, just because of her, I lepak la kan. Just because of her okay? Haha.

Before that, we had our dinner at Kg.Baru. Actually we looking for ikan bakar and not kerang bakar cause we oni found kerang bakar. Sigh. Why so hard to find ikan bakar man? Anyone know where is the place that I can get ikan bakar? Sigh. And and one more thing, where is the best place to eat nasi ayam? I heard that at Keramat is the best place. But which part eh? Sigh.

Okay, enough with the advertisement. LOL. We had, ikan siakap masak 3 rasa. Haha. So, 3 rasa should be ada rasa masam, manis and what else eh? Masam, manis and.. masin? Hahaha. Or pahit? Haha. Oh wait, oh pedas? Cause that day I makan menangis kot? Hot and spicy ikan tu. Haha. But really memang sedap la. It's worth it dengan rm35.50 for two person and thanks to my sistah, she belanja me. I love you lebih la! Haha.

While we makan, we had talked and we laughed alot. LOLOL. It was fun kot? How can I live without you sis? Seriously, x tipu. Ayeen sayanggg kat akak. Haha. Ewww. Nak vomit okay. Haha. Seriously la wey, I do love you, sis. Even you are stupid sometimes but still you're the best! I hope she not read my blog -__- Or else satu rumah dia kecoh kan? Haha.

After makan, we jalan-jalan and pusing-pusing satu KL. LOL. So, it was HER IDEA, nak lepak kat Dataran Merdeka. Lame -_- So, we just sit there and while im having stomach pain and cannot stand to pee feeling time tu. Haha. Gila la. LOL.

Nothing much la, we oni talked and snap some pictures. Cause we are so vain yaw! LOL. Besides that, we keep looking at the kids. They playing err. I dont know what is the name but that thing is glow in the dark and they keep baling-baling dat thingy and yeh.

When the thing fall down, you have to take it back and baling again, then take it back and baling. Like wtheck? LOL! I dont know la. Pe jadah tah benda tu. LOL. But the people yang jual that thingy, I think sure laku kot? Cause lots of family la kat sana and they let their kids play that thingy which really membazir your money but still whatever la. Its your money btw. Not mine. Haha. Seriously, I dont know what im crapping right now. HAHAHA.

Then, I saw this one mummy is catching her son kot? The mummy was like running kelam kabut nak kejar anak dia and dis boy like ohh sooo free cause dapat kaki and running like there is no tomorrow, then suddenly when the mum nak catch and almost dapat, the mum fall down terduduk plak tu. BOOO (Y)

Then me and my sis was laughing at the mum. HAHAHA. Like kesian gila. The mum's slipper tertanggal, then maybe the mum dah malu cause terduduk, she oni sit there like 10mins then cover-cover malu la kan? HAHA. Lame-lame. HAHAHA. Sumpah funny. LOLOL!! Oh, duduk sana then gelakkan orang ye? So bad. LOLOL!
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