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chapter 244 : I'm wasting my time, I've got nothing to do.
Apr 15, 2010 | comment | 0 comment(s)

Let's see, when is the last time I went to KLCC? Uhm.. Uhm.. A few years ago? LOL! Seriously, I dont like to go KLCC. Yeah. Maybe lots of bangla kot? HAHAHA. And also the Indonesian people. Eww. Maggie hair? Vomit! Okay, now im being racist. HAHA. Nahh, just kidding. Hahas.

We went to KLCC last sunday kot? Yela kot. Cant remember jugak. Haha. Actually, should be on that evening, we suppose to play kite at Kepong but then he said nak hujan la, last minute la, itu la ini la. Banyak cekadak plak mamat ni. Ikut jela kan? Lol.

But really, petang tu hujan =x

Since im so boring to death, we decided to bring our lappy and online at Mcd but couldnt make it cause my lappy kinda spoil. Sigh. So, x jadi lagi la kan? Okay, im bored. That is what I told him. Then he said he wanna blanja me an ice-cream. Woah, that's sound great kot? Haha. Jom lah kita kan? Haha.

He reach at my place around 8pm and as usual, I will make him wait for me. Lolol. Around 8 something kot we reach at the KLCC. At first, I didnt know we going to KLCC sebenarnya, cause when I ask him, he oni said "Adalah", "Adalah". And your adalah is KLCC? Pe barang bro? KLCC is boring man! Haha. But still, thanks to him. At least im out from that house kan. Tengok dunia, so the boring decrease la. Haha.

I wanted to eat an ice-cream from Mcd. The sundae cone vanilla flavour. Yummy yummy. We just walked, talked, walked and talked. Nothing much la. Like I mentioned just now, KLCC is super duper boring. Haha. We went there pun cause dah lama x gi sana.

So, we just stand and finish our ice-cream and snap some pictures together. Its been awhile I didnt hangout together ngan mamat ni kot? Kan bro kan? Haha. After that, we had our dinner at Kg.Baru and for the first time jugak, after so long... That is our first time makan with nasi putih, tomyam and blablabla. Haha. Right?

Well, before this we never order something like that before. But it was nice la. The food pun quite nice and okay okay la. I guess? LOL. After that, he send me home and I reach home around 10.30pm. Hee. Thanks for the dinner and yeah. The ice-cream too! Do belanja me nextime. Thanks. Haha.
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