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chapter 243 : While we having fun,
Apr 14, 2010 | comment | 0 comment(s)

Oh hello people! (:

Okay, okay. I know its been awhile I didnt update my blog. I didnt update for some reason. Yeh, yeh, lots of drama blablabla but actually the main reason is Farah is so lazy to update her blog. Thank you. LOL.

Okay, when somebody "kacau" her, she will get upset. When she upset, she will throw ANYTHING right in front of her but wait, her pc? No, she oni ketuk that cpu. Thats all. LOL. After that, the emotion will control her mind and TADAAA. Farah dah emo. LOL. Oh shiit! Why Im toking bout this? LOL. Lame.

Actually, I just wanna update for the previous. So, lets rewind (:

Uhm, cant remember when it happened. Maybe last saturday kot? Or maybe last sunday. Tahla. Not so sure. So, all of us, Danish, Damia, Mika, me and sis went to Desa Park City for fun. LOL! This time, we didnt play kite but poor Damia. She never joined us to play kite. So, on that day, she was like "Nak main ayang-ayang". LOL. Agak malas la kan nak main time tu? LOL.

But still, we had fun. And gosh. Mika was missing kot time tu? Faint. Damia and Danish was right in front of me while my sis on the phone with her boyfie. Then suddenly I realize Mika was not around kan? So, we all like panicked gila la? Haha. Danish almost cry. HAHA. Gay gila wey. Like chill la. Sure we can find an? But wait, what if we all cannot find? Okay, Im dead.

So, we all turn around and keep looking for Mika. And yeh. My sis found him. He like AWAYYYY from us near the kolam ikan. We all like wtf? Dia gi sana sorang-sorang kot? Like so berani okay? Sigh. Poke! Poke! Poke! You really made us panicked and kelam-kabut okay? Zzz.

After that, we all just walked and tawaf satu park tu. Haha. Nothing much la. Then we all went back. Before that, went to mamak and eat some roti canai then we all reach home safely at 7.30pm :)
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