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chapter 237 : Online friendship.
Apr 10, 2010 | comment | 0 comment(s)

Guy : I x suka tengok muka you berkerut. I nak tengok muka you happy je :)
Me : *Smiling*

I still remember those word and it made me smile. Really. Thanks for cheer me up. I found that those word really sweet kot. Lols. Heh, dude jangan bangga lebih boleh? Menyampah. LOL.

Btw peeps, I deleted my myspace and facebook. So dont bother find me or search my name cause you will never find it =p
Currently, im not looking foward to create a new facebook. Maybe, not now. Yeah (:

Click for larger image (:

I went to audi's website and finally they update bout the online friendship event. When I saw v6, I was like "Oh damn!". v6 IGN already change to Freeya. Oh this is gay. Im panicked. Haha. Btw, gratz to v6, she advance to the final. Heee. Wish me luck (:

Before the match I had warm up with eyez and keichisan. They seems frenly and thanks to Kei cause he help me on my IGN. Thanks. Should be sake will join us but then she got personal matter and yeh, eyez will replace her place. So, for team malaysia is Kei, me and eyez (:

We won for the second place and the champion team is Singapore. Thailand team lose at the 3rd place. Gratz and I really had a nice game with you all. Haha. And woots im the only girl in the event. Cool x cool? LOL!

Around 9 Tyra drop by at my place. We had audi together. She help me to tag till 12am. After that, around 1.30am im off to bed. Early kan? Haha =p
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