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chapter 233 : What a wonderful Monday.
Apr 5, 2010 | comment | 2 comment(s)

Seriously, I hate Monday. I HATE YOU MR.MONDAY! Urghh! I am so fcuking sleepy at the office. Like nothing to do. Gahh. So lame. Oh oh, I got a new friend which our unit got a new staff hey, I got a new friend. Hee. Her name is Alia. She's pretty. Really. Her face remind me of someone. Yeah, someone. Maybe one of the Kiaramas's student? Oh yeh. Angeline kot? Cant remember.

Me : Hey, im Farah.
Alia : Im Alia. Nice to meet you.
Me : Nice to meet you to. Uhm, btw how old are you?
Alia : Im 27.
Me : Really? o.o So, you want me to call you "akak" ke? No need lah kan? HAHA.
Alia : Yeh. Alia is better.

Well, today nothing much. I just goyang kaki at the office and cant stop yawning. LOL. Maybe its Monday so nothing much to do lah. I realise that I keep made mistake over and over again. I admit it, im a careless person. I should improve on that part. Aww. Sigh.

I had lunch with Alia. So we talked alot. Looks like she's okay lah kot? For now la kan? Haha. And and I bought 3 bottle of bliss yogurt for 11 bucks and got 1 free pink cup. Hee. How nice is that? Bliss came to Menara Star and they selling 3 bottles only for 11bucks. Plus, you can choose your favourite flavour. Cool.

I reached home kinda early. Like 5 pm something kot? And yeh, I repeat again, im very careless so I forgot to bring back my yogurt. Sigh. Rushing punya pasal, semua benda tinggal dah. Sigh. And guess what people?

For nuffnangers, do you guys still remember the kotex ads before? Yang korang duk click-click kat blog aku ni. Hahaha. Yeah, still remember? I got sign up the form and woots! I receive 5 sample from kotex yaww! The box is really nice. I like the box and im gonna keep it. Haha.
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