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chapter 230 : Sometimes, I feel like ..
Apr 3, 2010 | comment | 2 comment(s)

Everybody assumes that im so happy, that nothing is ever wrong with me. But nobody ever knows that I constantly feel like everything is falling apart, and my insides are numb. I wish some people in my life would cut the bullshit and be totally honest about something. For once.

Everyday I destroy myself more and more, usually in my head. If I could crash myself into everything in sight, I would. I want to hit pavement at 100 mph and get back up do it again and again.
Im never good enough, always second best even in my family, in friendships, in relationships, and in every single thing that I do. Im craving for an attention from you. I know. I know. Im acting like a childish but I cant help it. This is me. The real me. Can you take me as I am?
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