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chapter 234 : I hate your drama.
Apr 6, 2010 | comment | 0 comment(s)

Okay boy. Here it goes. For your information, I dont entertain stranger. Yes, I know we are in the same department but it doesnt mean that you can anyhow or simply like stalking me? Gosh. Dont you think is like so lame? Stalking and asking other people bout me? Faint. Im different than others. Maybe the other girls you can try lah but not me. You're wrong, dude. Im not into that category. I dont simply fall into your trap (:

Im getting piss off with this one guy. He said he admirer me like WHAT THE FCUK? He knows everything bout me! How lame is that? Dude, im sorry. You having an affair with a married woman which same department with us then now what? You want me too? Heh. Youre asking for my phone number and keep trying. Try hard still I wont give it to you.

Im sorry. Im not being racist here. I prefer a malay guy but you're not a malay, bro. Hey, look. Im not racist. Just that is kinda hard you know. Im malay and you're not and got some certain things that I cannot do but maybe you're understand but still. I cant accept you.

Seriously, dont waste your time to chase me. Im not gonna choose you, fullstop. Maybe we can be friend? Like a normal one? An affair? I dont think so cause im not really interested on that. Say what you wanna say bout me. Say im sombong or whatever cause I dont really care. Plus, you're just making me famous. Oh wait. I think I am famous now =p

Thanks for showing how much you care. Thanks for giving me an advice. Thanks for your information. I really appriciate it but we cannot be together. Keep it in your mind. Right now, im trying my best not to see or not to talk with you.

Summore, im not really comfortable with this situation you know. We are in the same unit, before this we got talked and yeh. Like Hi Bye sumthing like that. What if, other thing will happen? I mean, like I stop friend with you or something sure x best aite? Like no fun lah if this thing happen kan?

Well, I hope you understand (:
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