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chapter 232 : I heart them.
Apr 4, 2010 | comment | 4 comment(s)

Oh oh, I bought a new kite. Heee. I love my kite! So lovely and cute just like me! HAHA. I bought it for 10 bucks and its really worthy cause the kite is really fly! Up up in the sky. Weee. Oh, can you see the batman design? Nice kan? Hee.

Nowadays, I spent my weekend with playing kite at Kepong. Its really fun! Seriously. I really enjoy and I think im getting pro. Haha (Y) Now, dengan duduk atas rumput je boleh control kite. Haha. Cool an? I know! LOL! This time, Leesya didnt join us cause she refuse to. Lols. Maybe nextime (:

I dunno why im so excited. Haha. Like jakun gila? LOL. I am! Cause I never play kite when I was kid. Kesian aite? I know. LOL. Im getting too much excited when I bought this pinky zebra kita. Haha. LOLOL.

I wish I can get more happiness in my life. Even the kids really annoyed me but still, I heart them. I try to do more activities so that I can stop thinking bout you for once. Hahas.I try to get bust at time cause I dun wanna think of you cause I know you never think of me (:
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