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chapter 231 : I love people who can make me laugh
Apr 3, 2010 | comment | 10 comment(s)

I woke up kinda early like 10am? OH-MY-GOD! Sungguh mengantuk, okay? This is soooo not me! Like come on la. Bangun kul 10? LOL! 10am is like too early for me. Like very early. Yeh. Sigh. Maybe I get used to woke up every 7am every weekdays. So, dah terbiasa maybe? Heee. That's sound so good kan? People do changed (:

Stick to the plan, I went out with Tyra like finally? HAHA. After soo long barulah dapat keluar together. We off to Pavilion around 3pm. Yupp. 3pm people. Should be, should be la kan. I will attend an event of AuditionSEA but then I dunno la. The website pun never update anything. They never update bout the event so yeah. Went to Audi pun like nothing happen? No event blablabla. So yeh (:

Oh oh. Before that, I went to DiGi website and I upload some of my photos to be appear on DiGi's ads. Hahaha. Ala, the iklan yang "Be famous" tu. But hey, I am famous! HAHAHA. So.. so.. We watched "Its complicated". I watched the trailer before and the story was very funny. I LOL-ed so many times and the funniest part is when the guy is covering his penis using the monitor of the laptop but he din know that the webcam is ON! Haha. Gosh, Tyra should not watch this movie tho. Youre still underage! Haha.

We had lunch at KFC. Suddenly, im craving for a spicy and crunchy chicken from KFC. Yummy yummy! We really had a long talk through the lunch. Lets not called it lunch. Lets called it "Hi-tea". How bout that? Cause we had sooo called our lunch at 5 something? LOL. We talked bout him, him and him. Haha. Yeh. Oh Tyra, I haven check his facebook yet. Maybe later, alright? After that we walked, talked blablabla..

Seriously, I didnt really enjoy the movie 100%. You wanna know why? Firstly, I received phone call from my sister. She asking me what time Im going back blablabla. Cause she's the one who gonna pick us up at KTM. If one time called, nevermind la kan? Ni x. 2 or 3 times she called me like what the hell? Saba jela kan? Zzzz. After that, my other sis called me asking for my email and password for my facebook. Gahh. Then, Ariff called me. Blablablabla. Lucky, I silent my phone. If not, disturb other people je? Sigh.

Then, we off to BB Bistro. I met Ain for the first time kan Tyra? (: I pei Tyra to meet her friends. They had shisha and my hair smells shisha. Nice one (Y) Nothing much la but still I had fun and I saw the silverman. I wonder what kind of makeup remover he gonna use? Cause lots of glitter kot? Adeh. Haha. Who said the cab nowadays used the meter at night? Even they put the sticker, asking for the receipt all that kind of shiit, mne de. Dorang x guna meter. Saja nak earn lebih at night. Screw them (Y) Balik rumah rm35. Nice one (Y)
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