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chapter 229 : Expecting alot.
Apr 2, 2010 | comment | 2 comment(s)

I am so fcuking depress. This time it really hurts me alot. YES. Alot. You think you can fix it? I dont think so. Now, I know im nothing to you. Yes. NOTHING TO YOU. I thought I was the person that you love. The one you care. The girl you miss everyday but I guess I was wrong. Its not me. And all the things that you wrote, I thought it was for me. And I was wrong again. It was for someone else, right?

Today, when I woke up. I sent u a text and hoping a feedback from you but it turn to other way. So, I was planning to talk to you but ..... Sigh

When I saw what happened just now. I was like "OH-MY-GOD". My heart beat faster, faster and faster. At first, I didnt think too much till I saw that word, it really breaks my heart. Yeh. I admit it. Im not good enough for you and I know im not the one you wanted. Seriously, I hate to be this way and this feeling is killing me. Im in pain.

I screenshot EVERYTHING! And guess what? I did screenshot that word too (:

Well, maybe you're not happy when we were together. We always fight and yeah. Sometimes we got miss communication and MAYBE that is the one of the reason you choose someone else to company you? Im not mad. Now only I know why my "hubby" never show up anymore. No ring. Single. More easier? (Y)

So, tell me. Shes gonna replace my place? Shes gonna be your cheerleader while you playing? The one who will stay all night long with you? How nice is that? While im alone, struggling ALONE, and at the same time you got a supporter to give you support? You think, im okay with that? And you think I dont mind? You're wrong. Or maybe, you're not reply me cause you're so busy with her? I think I am right. RIGHT?

"The people who laugh too much are the ones who experience to much of PAIN"

I think im into that kind of category (:
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