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chapter 225 : The Princess F. LOL!
Mar 28, 2010 | comment | 0 comment(s)

My favourite shoes
Hello, people (:

Last night had audi sambil gelap. Earth hour kan? LOL. Me and sis so excited nak turn off the light. LOL. I oni turn off the light but I didnt turn off my desktop and aircond. Haha. Panas kot? LOL. How bout you? Did you turn off the light? (:

This is the gown that I dreamed of. Hee xD

Oh oh. This morning I had a dream. A nice dream. Really. I dreamed about im married to my prince charming and woahh. I had my weddin in the castle kot? Haha. What a perfect wedding but its oni a dream. I wish it happen in reality. Aww. Sigh. That moment, I was wearing a white gown just like a princess. Haha. And wearing a crown. Of course la kan? LOL. I will remember it (Y).
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