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chapter 226 : Oh my. Today, I laughed
Mar 28, 2010 | comment | 4 comment(s)

Hello, people (:

This evening, I went to Manjalara with sister, Danish and Mika. We reach there about 5.30pm I guess? And its kinda hard to get a parking cause alot of people. Plus, its windy. Yay. Sure my kite naik terbang tinggi an? Haha.

Danish and Mika. Poor Mika terselit. LOL.

Previously, I went there with my sister. Seriously, I never play layang-layang before. And that was my first time kot? LOL. My sister always play layang-layang with her boyfie. Sometimes they went to picnic la. Gahh. Gedik okay? I x penah camtu. How sad is that? Sigh.

Who said using Nokia 6500 x boleh snap picture camni? Haha.

I try to get the layang-layang naik tinggi but I cant. I dont know what happen to my kite. Its like something is going wrong. The kite keep fall down. Sigh. Okay, I admit it im not pro in this activity but hey, Im still learning how to balance it.

Last week, dia terbang tinggi (:
I should upload this last Saturday but heh. Im so lazy. LOL.

Since I got 4 kites, I try all the 4 kite but still same. Dia tanak naik jugak. LOL. Last week okay je? Okay fine. I think I have to get a new one? Diao. Its okay. Im planning to get a new one. Pink color of course. I aim the zebra design with pink color on it. Yay! its oni 15bucks! Cheap cheap. The weather so fcukin hot wey. My face turn to red color and yeah I start to sweating. Adeh. Danish and Mika pulak x boleh nak duk diam. Poke kang. LOL.

Since out kite cannot get up, we end up bring the kids to the playground. Hah, main la kau kat situ. So, the auntie oni stare at them playing. And yes, the maksu berebut with this one kid. Berebut nak main buai. WTF? Gay! Haha. Kurang ajar budak tu. Humph! Benci kau! I saw the swing kosong so I quick grab la kan. Then this one boy tarik the swing and said "Ni untuk Marsha". I go, "Huh? Who the heck is Marsha?". Gahh. Whatever. The Marsha is not around, so GIVE ME! RAWRRR!

boy : Ni untuk Marsha. X boleh amek.
me : Huh?
boy : (sambil tarik tali buai)
me : Who cares? Now, its mine! (give the garang face)


In the end, I ate his ice-cream (:

Dahla x dapat main kite. Perut pulak meragam. Went to toilet like 2x kot? Sigh. Around 6.40pm, it started to rain. Aww. We stop aside cause hujan lebat gila till one of the canopy roboh. Rofl. What the heck? Waiting for the rain to stop berzaman la kan? I reached home around 8.15pm and lucky, I still got time to join Arena event. Hee xD

Scary :S
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