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chapter 178 : Aku rindu sayang kamu
Feb 6, 2010 | comment | 2 comment(s)

I heard this song a few days ago and suddenly it came to my mind. Its a nice song you know. Quite surprise I listen to Malay song? Hahaha. I do like some malay song. Maybe the jiwang-jiwang part? Lol. Cause their song suit me best. I present my feeling to my love ones by a song.

Siang dan malamku kini menjadi satu
Terasa sedihku bila tiada mu
Apakah ini dinamakan cinta?
Menjadi aku yang punya

Apakah kau dah tak sepertiku
Rasa hari-hariku tak menentu
Bagaikan lilitan terikat di jantungku
Terasa sungguh

Aku rindu
Sayang kamu
Aku cinta kepadamu
Sayang kamu

Im pretty sure, most of the bloggers here, got heard this song before aite? In AJL? Hahaha. I started to like this song when I watched AJL 24? The lyrics quite deep tho =p
At this moment, this lyrics show the exactly how I feel. Abit jiwang. I know -_- So what? You never get into jiwang mood before? Oh my. Ure so pathetic wey. Hahaha. Jiwang la best. LOL!

I used to have a jiwang partner. No no. Its not my boyfriend but a partner. Cause he know me best even we only knw only for 2 years and a half? He know what I want and what I need when im down.

When im down, he give me some emo song. Stupid action? Hell no. Plus it makes me better wey. Hahaha. Im different, people. When im down I love to listen to the emo song. So, he will give me the best emo song. Hahaha. Hais. I miss the old times. Hmmm (:
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