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chapter 177 : I truly treasure your existence
Feb 5, 2010 | comment | 4 comment(s)

You are my sunshine,

My only sunshine,
You make me happy when skies are grey,
You never know dear,
How much i love you,
So please dont take my sunshine away (:

Aww. I just love the way he turn me ON. Hahaha. I can feel the butterflies in my stomach. Awww. I love that feeling, baby!

I cant stop dreaming bout you and me ♥

Im happy. Yes, im happy. He makes me happy.

If you are my prince, can I be your cinderella?

Nothing much today. I been working for 4 days and for today I went training at the reservation department. So what did I learn? NOTHING! Hahaha. They all like so busy and they have no time to teach me. One of the staff give me a training file and asked me to read. Ku rasa, dah beribu kali ku baca file tu. LOL. I cant stop yawning. Sigh.

To kill the time, I ask them if got any paper to fax or WHATEVER jelah! Im bored dah. So I help them to photocopy, fax and filing. Hahaha. Lame an? Well, im still noob. Plus, I didnt really knw how to work with their system cause the system quite diff but I find it easy to use. One day nnt boleh la kot. Reti la kot (:

This time, I already charge my phone! Weee. I reach home kinda early around 5.30pm. Gosh, im addicted to mee Maggie. LOL! I ate 2 packs of Maggie. Eww. That is so not healthy man. Hahaha. Malas nak masak kan. What to do. Sigh. After makan, poof. Tido. Penatnya camni. Sampai xda masa nak online :(
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