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chapter 176 : Im tired of everything.
Feb 4, 2010 | comment | 3 comment(s)

OH-MY-GOD! Im really sorry peeps. I havent been on much. Im kinda busy. Err. Actually not really busy just that I dun have time to get online? LOL. I get tired so easily nowadays. Sigh. Maybe effect of waking up early like around 7-ish? LOL! Its too early sia. Like fuckin early? Gosh! I hate it! -_-

I never imagine this shit gonna happen to me. Like seriously, I never felt like this way before. I swear to god, this is the FIRST and LAST. Urghhh! -_-

Sooo called "kakak" and me ==

"Dik, kenapa dgn kaki adik tu? Terseliuh ke?"
"Err, xdala. Kaki okay je. Ni ha. Benda ni. Putus sudah -_-"
"Siannya. Kejap, akak cari pin. Biasanya akak bwk pin"

OH-MY-GOD. Pe jadah plak ni? I know she being nice to me but use dat pin is sooo not a good idea for me. It wont help! Trust me! Phew, she couldnt find her pin. Lucky sia -_-

"Bus 37 or U7, dah lalu x kak? -_-"
"Dah. 2 3 bus adik dah terlepas dah. Akak pun terlepas jugak"

Down deep inside my heart, I curse like a thousand times!! -_- . If you're living at Segambut and planning to go KL by public transport.. Ko jangan nak berangan la! I think nex year baru you sampai KL! Actually, im not going to KL but im going back my home. No one can fetch me from Seri Pacific. So, I go back by train and yes, its raining! What to do, I just walk alone thru the rain and YES, my flip flop PUTUS on the halfway to the bustop! Damnit! Lucky its not a roxy sial.

45 minutes ago . . . . .

I asked the security where can I get a public phone here cause I dont see any public phone around this hotel. Except at the lobby for the in-house guest -_- I called up Menara Star straight away and the person who incharge already went back. Oh dear, they called me but I cannot pick up the damn phone cause im working. So, the person asked me to call back tomorrow which is Friday. My battery is empty! So I cannot even turn on the phone! Damn! Actually, im really lazy to charge my phone. Okay, my bad. I admit it. LOL. I called my sis and ask her to pick me up. Then she told me she cant make it cause she gonna back around 8pm. WTF? I dun wanna wait like 3 hours? No way!

I open up my purse and NICE! I dun have any money. Totally ZERO! yes Z-E-R-O! 0! I try to find any coins inside my pocket but ........... Its empty. Try to find inside my handbag. EMPTY! WTF? Okay, last try. Inside my purse. Godek punya godek, I found 10cent -_- Went to The Mall, find the stupid public phone and call my dad. And I go WTF again, my dad is on the way back to Kuala Kubu Bharu. Arghhh. Camne nak balik?! Duit xda?! I totally have no idea how I wanna go back. No one at home right now cause mum already went to KKB this morning. Sis currently working. Dad? He otw back to KKB and my bro? I dun have any note or coins to call him. Sigh. I just sit down and almost cry T_T

I walk and walk. I dunno what should I do. Totally LOST. Xkan nak menapak pulang dgn jalan kaki? Oh tidak. Jauhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! Gilos! While walking, suddenly I remembered Maybank ATM Machine! LOL! Oh yeah, duit dalam tu ada lagi! HAHAHA. So, I walk back to The Mall, and I went back by train. From komuter Segambut, I have to walk abit to the bustop and while walking, its raining. So redah jela and that time flip flop putus. GOSHH! Curse gila babi kot time tu? LOL!

Here come 37. I press the bell button and got guy ask me from behind

a random guy and me ;;

"You didnt bring your umbrella?"
"Err. No. I didnt expect its gonna rain plus I didnt watch ramalan cuaca for today -_-"
"Nextime you should bring your umbrella. Like ppl said, sediakan payung sebelum hujan"
"Heh. Yela. Thanks"

a few seconds later . . . . . . .

"Eh, nvm la. I borrow you my slippers. Nahh. Tmr or if I see you again, you return back la"


"Ehhh. No no. Sokay. My house bawah ni je. Dah nak smpai dah. Nono. Thanks"

Reach home, I switch on my phone and I got 13 missed call from dad. He really worried bout me. 6 missed call frm sister -_-
I reach home at 7pm and after bathe I straight went to bed. Sigh. Horrible day for me T_T
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