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chapter 175 : A new day has come
Feb 3, 2010 | comment | 4 comment(s)

Hello, followersssssssssssssssssssss. I LOVE YOU (:


Im feeling so good today =p

This is sooo true. But who cares? HAHAHA. I cant live without it =p

Okay, where should I start? Well, I woke up at 7.28AM. Yes, people. Believe it! I woke up 7 AM IN THE MORNING! Hahaha. Im nt bluff. This is true la wey! LOL! So, I get ready and I left house at 9AM. So, lets say Hello to Seri Pacific Hotel. Hellooooooooooo Sunshine (: I am fever FREE. HAHAHA.

I reach there at 9.15am. Good la an. My first day working, 15 minutes late -_- Sigh. So, I went to the housekeeping take my clothes and all blablabla, find a new locker then went to Front Office Department and yeah. Here I am, alone and noob -__- First section I went to of course bell service la. For sure dia campak aku kat situ dulu. LOL. So, I met some arrogant people there. Heh. Mentang-mentang aku noob -_- No bullies okay? Or else, I smack or whack ur ass! LOL.

The cool about this hotel is they are not really strict like Legend. If at Legend, you cannot use your phone if not they gonna throw it away. Trust me. Break time? 1 hour baby. No more 45 minutes. Woots woots. Hair style? You can do whatever hair style you want! Wow, this is cool! LOL. Nail polish? You can wear it. Uhmm, what else? Oh yeah! Briefing time only for 15 minutes. No more 1 hour or 2 hour briefing time. Gahhh. Gilos Legend.

So, how bout the people? Uhm.. So far they're nice to me. I dunno if they only ACT nice in front of me or whatever. I just dun give a shit. Ada yang agak-agak sombong but hey, I just dont give a damn wey. Haha. I finish work at 6pm and reach home around 7. I had a bad traffic jam today. My shift? Im gonna be working 9am - 5pm till nex week.

Im waiting Menara Star to call me dowh. LOL.

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