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chapter 174 : A long day.
Feb 2, 2010 | comment | 2 comment(s)

Oh dear, im feeling so bunga-bunga right now. Hahaha. Hello, bloggers. Im sorry I didnt update yesterday. Seriously, im super duper exhausted and i had bad flu last night. Sigh. Oh my gosh. I went for the interview, guys. Woots. At Menara Star, Kuala Lumpur remember? Yeahh. I reach there sharp 12 noon. Menara Star not very far from my area. The distance is like 15 minutes from my house (:

I am so nervous! LOL. When I enter to HR Department, the girl at the reception asked me, "Farah right?" Im like wow? How did you know me? We never met before? -_- LOL. Oh maybe she found out thru my resume? LOL. Got my picture on it. Hahaha. So, I fill up the form blablabla and yada yada.

After that, I got test. They give me an essay 2 pages which I have to type it. That's mean they wanna know how faster I am in typing. Heh. You got wrong person, man. Hahaha. They give me 10 minutes but I finish it less than 10 minutes with NO error on spelling. I repeat it again people, NO ERROR. Hah! LOL.

Then, I have to wait like 40 minutes for my turn which that is kinda LONGGG? Gahh. What to do, first come first serve aite? Lol. Around 1.10pm, they interview me and I had fun. Seriously, they're funny and friendly to me. Wow, I guess that is soo positive? LOL. And they said I have good personality and very positive. HAHAHA. Thanks fr d compliment. I appriciate that. LOLOL. So, wish me luck guys. I did my best and I hope they will give a positive feedback. Lets pray for me xD

I went to Puchong after 4.30pm and I reach at 5.30pm. The installer still not come yet and I received phone call from Kak Ina and she told me the guy will arrive at 6.50pm? And I go WHAT THE FUCK? LOL! I said, make it fast cause Im waiting here! LOL. They came at 6.30 -_- soo.. ketang-ketung, ketang-ketung.. They done around 7pm. After that, we went out for dinner. Me and Kak Ina had tok. We tok bout her interview on this Saturday at AirAsia Academy. I hope she get that job. Jys, sis. I reach home around 10.30pm and im tired. Really tired man. Lols.

Oh btw, I didnt go to Sheraton cause im super duper lazy bum bum =p
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