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chapter 173 : Hello, February.
Feb 1, 2010 | comment | 2 comment(s)

Wow. Its already February! Lets say HI to February. HIII (: Hahaha -_- Currently im listening to Mario & Nesty - Never say goodbye. Im listen to it over and over again. Haha. I think im addicted to that song from now on. Thanks to you btw who introduce me to this song (:
Thanks to those who non stop give me an advice thru my formspring. I will never give up on life! Yeahh -_- Im trying my best not to be sooo emo. LOL. Jys me. This morning we had talk and I feel so relieved! Finally I let it out? Haha. Well, I hope everything gonna be just fineee like it used to be (:

Its such a nice start for february and I hope it could be like this always. Thinkin about february, Valentine's day is on the way. For all the lovey dovey couples, do you have any surprise for your loved ones? Heee. Make it memorable guys. Me? Heh. I will stay at home and online as usual or maybe I already start working? Hahas.

Tomorrow im gonna attend two interview at two different places. First at the Menara Star, Kuala Lumpur and second at the Sheraton Imperial, Kuala Lumpur. For the Menara Star I will have my second interview. Wow, im kinda nervous though cause I prefer this job than the others. Wish me luck, guys. Oh bout the Seri Pacific? I called them and I'll be start working on the wednesday.

Kak Ina called me and she said tomorrow astro will be install at her house on the evening. Since she gt work tomorrow, she ask me to come to her house at Puchong after I finish my interviews. KL-Puchong, Puchong-KL.. Thats kinda far -_- But its fine with me since I got nothing to do aite. So better I go and help her. Plus, I can meet my niece and nephews. Aww, I miss them much! I just met them yesterday and I already miss them. LOL.

Today, 2 people reminds me to sleep early. InsyaAllah. Hahaha. I will people, I will. But before that, do drop me some comment, question or ANYTHING thru my formspring

Oh yeah, I need to get a new keyboard and a new mouse. My mouse is being an ass! When I click once, it will auto be twice! Urghhh. Time xda duit la, semua benda nak rosak kan? -_- My keyboard, my space bar dah ke dalam. HAHAHA. Ni semua gara-gara audi. LOL. And my arrow key, cannot detect dah. Sigh. Should I get a new desktop? -_-
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