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chapter 172 : I like you lots
Jan 31, 2010 | comment | 3 comment(s)

Did I tell you, I love you today?

Maybe no. Before its too late, I just wanna say Hi, I love You! If you do, please reply me through text. Im waiting for the answer. Thank you

(Well, I think ive been waiting all the time for you to say that to me =/ Sigh.)

Arsenal is sooo gonna DOWN, baby! Woots woots! MU is owning the game! Yeah, baby! LOL. Cheer for MU -_- This is lame. Today I saw Julianna Evans with her boyfriend at the Ikea. She's pretty sia o.o Be mine? Lol. At first, I didnt know that is Julianna Evans until my sis told me "Hey, tu kan pelakon tu? Julianna Evans? Tu plak boyfriend dia, group bunkface" And im like "Oohh, yeke? Aku tatau o.o ". I sleep kinda "early". Almost 9am. LOL. Should be im going out with Paan to OU but I didnt go. Seriously lupa dowh. Im really sorry. LOL.

Went to Ikea with my sister. We did a survey for a new bed. After that, she bought a cactus -_- Then, we went to pasar malam at TTDI. I bought nasi ayam. Yummy yummy. Its been long time I didnt eat nasi ayam. Sooo.. I watched Raja Lawak. Hah. Lawak la jugak. They make me LOL-ed for a few secs -_- Now, here I am. Online and sad-ing =/

Im bored. Cheer me up people at the formspring ?

Oh yeah. This morning, I had talk with Song Wei thru msn. He called me but I didnt talked. LOL. I just type while he keep talking blablablabla. And and he sang for me! LOL! While he waiting for me to reply, he singing and I said, "Sing for me? Im bored". He did. He sang a song from Secondhand Serenade - Fall for you. He really got a nice voice o.o

Btw, thanks cause cheer me up even a bit? I really appriciate it.
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