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chapter 168 : There's nothing else I can say
Jan 28, 2010 | comment | 0 comment(s)

A few minutes ago, mr anonymous make me LOL-ed again. Hahaha. I wonder who is he. Jeng jeng jeng. Okay, all question in the formspring has been replied. So, ask me more people! Or just say HI, certainly 110% I will reply. Heee. Make me laugh, people. Click here, formspring

HELP! Anybody, please help me! Currently im in dilemma. Oh boy. I called my sis and she told me go ask dad first. Adeh. Then I told mom bout it. Mom pulak, "Ha, camne tu?". Sigh. Orang tanya dia, dia tny aku balik? -_- A few minutes later, I told dad pulak. Dad pun jwb sebiji cm mom ckp. Duhh. Fikiran ku buntu. Wahh. Hahaha.

I called up my friendS. Yeah. FRIENDS. Got S behind there. LOL. Nobody pick up the phone! Faint! Sedih gila. Around 6-ish, I got phone call from this company so I have an interview tomorrow at Jalan Raja Chulan, idk which company cause should be she will send me an email but till now I didnt receive anything? Sokay, I will call them tomorrow. So, interview at 3.30pm.

Went for dinner with sistah at Hartamas. While makan, I text-ed Tyra and I said, my phone so damn fcukin lonely right now. Hahaha. Then she replied me "Tadaaa. Dah x lonely. LOL". Hahaha. Thats funny -_- LOL! But I didnt wait from your text wey. Haha. Me and sis had tok. I told her what im going through now. Not all only certain things je. After that I received a phone call from YOU! Lol. You know who you are. So, I LOL-ed again. Finally today, im smiling. Thanks to you. Heee.

After reach home, I went audi with Tyra. Gahh. I miss you alot ni. Sigh. Had audi till 11.30pm then we continue play games at msn. I won UNO! Woots woots. Juara bertahan UNO ni wey. Jangan main-main. Hahaha. Aww. Rindu nya nak main UNO dgn Soleha, Fahmi, Ariff, Faiz, Zrina and Ili. I just love to play UNO cause im good at it! LOL. Oh yeh, btw today I received phone call from The Star company. U guys still remembered my last post? I went to OU for an interview an? Ha, they called me and they want me to come for a second interview on Two Feb.

Iskk. I kan dah start keje on the 2nd? Sigh. Ha, tu la yang dilemma skrg ni. Nvm la. Later we see how eh.
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