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chapter 169 : Hello, square one. Nice to see you again.
Jan 29, 2010 | comment | 12 comment(s)

Dear, diary.

"I love him more than the sunlight, the moonlight, the lamplight, the incandescent light, the florescent light, the LED light, the starlight, the …the spotlight?, the christmas-tree lights, the light that comes off a TV in a dark room… Fuck, this is getting silly, but just know that I love him more than anything. Hahaha!"

Firstly, I've answered alot of question in formspring. That shit kinda makes me happy. So, you wanna talk? Need an advice? Ask question? Do drop it here, formspring.

Gahhh. Im so bored. I set the alarm at 12 noon. But heh. I woke up at 4pm. LOL! So, hows the interview? I didnt go, people. They should send me an email aite? But I didnt get it even till now. So yeah. Bye bye Jalan Raja Chulan? Hahaha. I wanna try my luck on this Tuesday. Heee xD

Its friday, baby! Lets have some fun! Wooo. Sigh. Im trying to cheer up myself. LOL. Im so lame -_- Around 5.30pm, I got phone call from the Sheraton Hotel. So, I got two interview on this Tuesday. First at The Star and second at the Sheraton Hotel. Wish me luck, guys. Amin.

This morning, im abit emo. I dunno why. Im so down like really down. Sigh. I listen-ed to this morning and guess what? The song they keep playing was love sad song. Damn it! Im so sick of love song. Yeh rite -_- But only for now la. Hahaha. Lucky he was there for me

Nothing much today. I had fight with the same guy again. Sigh. Screw love. I used to heart love but not anymore :(
Aww. Emo dah. Hahaha. OMG. Im agree with them! Screw Prom Night movie! The truth is, I just watched it at HBO just now. Im abit out dated. I know -_- Sumpah tak best. Sigh. Tapi tengok jugak la. LOL.

My parent went to Tesco so yeah they leave me alone at home. Sigh. Since I got nothing to do I cook-ed for myself. No pictures. Sorry. LOL. After they reach home, they kemaskan barang and all then suddenly mum call me from the kitchen. And guess what? Mum bought me Kacip Fatimah. Oh WTF? Hahaha. Pe motif semuanya ini? Hahahaha. When she give me that thing, I go like HUH? O.O. Faint. Oh btw, what is the function of Kacip Fatimah? Do anyone knows? LOL.
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